Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tribute to dad

Dear Henry, Nolan, and Graham,
Today is Father's Day. And because of you three, this is a day we get to honor, recognize, and celebrate your dad, Dave (although we should do these things everyday).

Your dad, my husband Dave is truly amazing. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever met. He goes above and beyond to meet the needs of others. He is devoted to his work, whether that be his career or role as husband and father here at home.

Your dad loves his family... He goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is being taken care of. He shows love and support and simply is genuine in all he says and does. He is kind, funny, witty, smart, driven, and is the king when it comes to random trivia knowledge.... And scrabble.

He is a perfect role model for you three. He has loved you before he even knew you, and I know he will do anything for you and our family to keep you safe and protected as a loving compassionate dad would.

He will teach you a great deal; how to play baseball, mow the lawn, a good work ethic, how to be gentlemen, to drive, to play video games, to be honest and true to yourself, to appreciate family..... Just to name a few.

I want you boys to know how lucky you are to have an incredible man as your dad.

So although you are too little to say it, I will say it on behalf of you three today...

Happy Father's Day Davey J, daddy, hubby, love of my life!! We love you very much and appreciate all you have done for us!

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