Friday, January 30, 2015

A big weekend

So a couple weekends back needs to be posted so I don't forget it. 

So far this season we have been doing really well with being healthy. The boys and us as parents. I was pretty proud of us... Getting out, having some play dates with other sets of triplets... Seeing family. 

Well that all changed last Tuesday, January 20th. Henry woke up to a fever of 102. Now lately they have been teething so I was assuming it was because of molars. But by Thursday his fever was still present so I took him to the  dr. 
Sure enough he had a red throat and red ear. We put him on an antibiotic and we were on our way.
I got home from the dr. And the other two boys both woke up with 102 fevers. ( are you kidding me?) 
By Friday morning Nolan was very congested and snotty.... So I decided to not waste time and bring him in... Strange enough, his ears were fine, but had goopy eyes so we got him eyed drops to be safe. By Friday night Graham started showing signs of congestion and goopy eye and by Saturday he was full on right there with Nolan. No fun. 
Henry never really got cold symptoms but did eventually show goopy eyes. 
By Sunday I started showing signs of this same cold but no fever. ( I thought since I was up all night at a lock in for work on Friday- I was just tired) 
Sunday night Dave started getting a scratchy throat. 
At 1 in the morning things got a but scary. 
I woke up to a loud thud... I sat straight up, and turned to find Dave was not in bed. I went out into the hall to find Dave passed out on the floor( he had fallen straight backward and hit his head on the closet door) 
He was passed out and non responsive( one if the scariest sights I have seen). 
I tried to wake him up and after a minute he did open his eyes but was very confused. 
We called 911, and thank goodness no major neck/back injuries so he could walk to the ambulance.
Dave's dad came over to be with the boys ( who surprisingly never woke up to all the commotion) so I could go be with Dave. 
His white blood cell count was elevated and he was extremely dehydrated. (3 bags of fluid pumped into him) 
CT scan was normal, and after more tests, they let us go home at 6:30am. He had instructions to stay home from work for atleast two days. He returned to work on Wednesday- tired but doing ok. 

I got an hour of sleep before the boys woke up for the day. I tried to nap when they did, but I am still so surprised how well I could function sick and on so little sleep. ( lots of practice when they were newborns I guess) 

The next few days we got a lot of help fr grandparents,. On top of that, Graham was getting worse with his symptoms so we brought him in to the dr ok Tuesday, to find out he has an ear infection. 

I finally went to the dr on Thursday Jan. 29 since my cold/sinus symptoms were terrible and not allowing me to sleep (which I needed to do so badly). 
With some better meds I am feeling better. 

I am currently on a plane To Detroit for a youth leaders conference called The Extravaganza! I felt bad leaving (on our 5 year anniversary), but my amazing husband assured me all is well. Now that the boys are all fever free, I feel a little more at ease. The Grandparents will be around most of the weekend to help. 
I look forward to returning home to all my boys on Monday. 

Here is hoping this was our rough patch of winter illness and we will be spared for a while now. 
I promise the next post will be a fun update on all the things the boys are saying and doing!