Sunday, May 31, 2015

Memorial Day

We were bummed that Memorial Day had some rough rainy weather but Dave and I were determined to do some fun family adventures.....and boy did we!

We thought it would be really fun to take the boys to Sea Life aquariam at Mall of America! This seemed to be everyone else's idea too. 
We got the boys up and out the door and made it there by 9:50...(doors opened at 10)

It should be said too that our van needed new break pads so we were able to get all three car seats In the back of the Nissan Sentra as well as get our choo choo wagon in the trunk (props to daddy for his packing skills)
Anyway, because we bought our tickets online we got to pick them up and not wait in line to buy tickets... Then they showed us the elevator since we had the wagon..... We got to by pass almost everyone.... Pretty cool.

The first exhibit was to pet the sting rays.... They boys are still a little young for this so we by passed all those people..... We then were at the front with no people before us and no line behind us yet... Place to ourselves for the most part!
We walked through the jellyfish room.... Pretty cool, the boys were a little overwhelmed at the dark and light up tanks...but still were in awe.

Next were the tunnels of aquariums.... Tons of sharks, fish, turtles, OH MY! 

The boys loved looking all around. Lots to see.... 

We kept a good pace but slowing down some to take it all in not anticipating the possible length of this tour. We then walked through the rain forest and saw crocodiles, piranhas, and frogs. Little tough for the boys to see but they loved the atmosphere. 

Before we new it we turned a corner and it was over.... Bam we were in the gift shop.... We were a little shocked how fast we must have gone through it.... So we got stamped so we could re enter... But on our way out we noticed the crazy long line so we decided maybe we would come back later. 

We headed toward Nickelodeon universe and took in all the sights... We debated getting tickets to go on a ride but decided against it due to lines and potential terror.... And they seemed to be happy as clams to just watch it all too.

We wanted to be able to take them to a place to get out and run around but there is no spot for that.... We did some Lego playing at Lego land, but it was short lived. 

We headed back to Sea Life in hopes lines would have died down... But no.... They were longer then ever..... So we decided to take the boys to Southdale play place in Edina.

We were not there long before we had a couple mini melt downs so we thought maybe lunch at BWW could be fun.... 
Once we loaded them in the car we thought going to BWW closer to home would be better..... 
As we were driving we changed our minds again and ended up getting the boys a happy meal in the car so they could eat sooner rather than later. I ran into the near by subway to get OUR lunch while Dave fed the boys. 

We got home and let the boys burn off some final energy before naps. 

We were exhausted at this point.... But we forgot we decided to host a couple friends and their kiddos for dinner. 
Within a few hours from getting home, our friends Carley and J came over with their new baby girl Elise! We finally got to meet her and get some baby snuggles in before the boys woke up. 
Our other friends, the Edlunds (with the triplet girls) came over too. 
We just ordered some pizza for dinner and watched the kids play.

The sun came out for a little while so we ended the evening playing outside (the boys favorite) 

All in all it was busy but successful day! I am grateful for these memories as a family, along with great times spent with dear friends! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Another Mother's Day in the books. 
I started the day by going to work (church)
Well actually the day started at 3am... (Just like last years Mothers day.... The boys had a rough night sleep-2 years in a row now)
Nolan woke up screaming, Dave went in there to check in on him and discovered Nolan had taken his pants AND diaper off- Lord only knows when. Dave snuck him out to get him dressed again and sadly the other two woke up.... Dave put Nolan back to bed - making sure the bed was not soaked of course- and N and G continued to chit chat till 5am when they finally fell back asleep.
I was up and put the door by 8:15- with everyone still sleeping.
I had a great morning at church wishing Moms a happy Mother's Day, and receiving the same great greeting!
I made it home in time to have lunch the the family and open the gifts the boys got me (Mom necklace and beautiful picture frame)
I then had to leave at 1:30 to go see some of my church youth in the Andover spring musical, adventures of frog And toad- very cute! 

I texted Dave on my way home so he could start the process of waking the boys up and getting the, ready to go to my parents for dinner. 

We made it to my parents about 5:15 and had fun seeing close family and friends. 
Then boys grazed on food (too much going on) and enjoyed seeing their nana, papa, aunties, and cousins Ally and Tyler. 
My sister Steph, husband Aaron, and ally and Tyler 

I got a plate of food in me (thanks Dave) before heading upstairs to do bath time (we usually always do baths at nana and papas) 
Nolan I don't think napped for long enough today because he screamed the entire bath (beyond exhausted much?) but finally was happy in papa Tim's arms.

We got them all in their Jammie's and downstairs to do one more round of social time before backing up and heading home.


Some of my favorite moments of the day:
Hearing Graham say on repeat " it's rainin - wet- cold-brrrr"
Snuggling with Nolan- oh so tired 
Hearing my boys say "happy mamas day"
Time with family
Seeing my moms reaction to her gift of a charm bracelet with all her grandkids faces on it
Sitting here in the quiet, reflecting back on the day and Despite all the chaos, I have a heart full of gratitude because of three little monkeys I love more than anything.... It's because of them I get the honor and privilege to be called mom! 

Boys will be boys....

We are full blown in toddler mode at our house these days... Lots of bumps and bruises have accumulated over the last few weeks.... Especially now that we are playing outside more.  

As a mom you don't want anything bad to happen to your child, but you also know little bumps, scrapes, and owies help them to learn too, and with triplets, you can't be everywhere all the time to protect them. 

This last Wednesday was one of those moments that could not have been prevented. 
I was at church, for final final church night for the year, and Dave and my dad were doing dudes night, Like they always do on Wednesdays with the boys. 

I got a text from Dave around 7:15
"Hey baby, can you call me when you get this? Henry fell behind the couch. He is fine, just a bit of a cut under his lip, might need to go to urgent care. And he bit his lip pretty good."

Of course I start to panic and leave the youth room and FaceTime Dave to see what's going on at home (thank goodness for technology)
H was not crying but from what I could see it definitely needed to be looked at.

Since it was on the face and he is under 4 we had to go to children's.... Which was fine with me because they are wonderful!

I said bye to my youth and put the great adults in charge and I headed home to get Henry. (I had the van which has the car seats). I picked up H and we were off to children's. (The other two were really sad they couldn't go I'm the car car too)

We arrived at children's and they assessed him as best they could (he is my stranger danger kid-mamas boy) and assumed stitches were in our future. 

My mom joined us and hung out which brought some comic relief. Once we got into a room they were innovative to get the numbing gel on his chin for 45 minutes(clever sticky tape thing)... We watched some cartoons and right before they came in to clean it they gave him some phentynol up his nose to make him more calm for the cleaning. 
Although he was not "calm",  he didn't fight as hard or cry as long.... 
They got a better look at his chin and bite marks on the inside of his lower lip, and said since the cut was so straight and not as deep as expected, stitches were not needed!!!! Great news! 

So we got the clear to go home and just monitor and keep it clean for the next few days! 

It is currently healing perfectly and all is well again at our house.
I know this is just the beginning of moments like this.... But no matter how much it happens, seeing your babies hurt never gets easier.... But I am grateful for Children's amazing staff!!