Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What have we been up to lately

We have been up to lots lately so I thought since I have been pretty good at taking pictures I would share our fun adventures this past week.

One of the first times we dressed the boys in their matching Jammie's..... Pretty cute if you ask me!

On July 21st, Graham and I went to see off the Zion youth as they headed to South Dakota for their mission trip. I was 4:45am but we were up anyway for early breakfast! ;-)

Dave and I, with our friends, the Kerns, went on our first walk! It was quite the site, 5 kids, 2 dogs, 4 adults! Does that constitute it as a parade?

Graham and I headed to the doctor for A weight check. I was getting nervous because Graham was spacing out his feedings more sleeping lots, and not finishing bottles. Of course the day of his appointment he started to take bottles like a champ.... He weighed 7.5 lbs and doing fine. Oh first time mom moments...

Dave's birthday was July 25th, we took that as a perfect opportunity for a first date night out! We headed to Texas Roadhouse for amazing steak while the babies were well taken care of by Katie and her parents.

We had a great time knowing the babies were in good hands!

On Friday July 26th, an expecting triplet mom Michelle and her husband Matt came over. They brought us dinner and wanted to see what their future soon will look like. They are having three girls so there will be some differences, but three babies none the less. They were naturals.... They changed diapers, dressed them in Jammie's, fed them.... I am so excited to meet our boy's future wives.

Cute picture of our boys in their outfits with cute pants....
Dave and I had another date on Saturday the 27th... We got to go to baconfest. The Lowry and the other blue plate restaurants had booths featuring bacon dishes. We got to sample them and vote for our favorite! Dave loved the jalapeƱo wiener pop wrapped in bacon. I loved the pork belly tater tot with baconaise sauce. We had a great time despite the rain!

We are grateful we have been able to get out as much as we have... Being parents of triplets. We Couldn't do it without supportive and trusting family and friends who love our boys so much!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Babies galore

So I have been meaning to post about this for sometime now but of course life with triplets just passes so quickly! Since they are all quietly sleeping I will get a quick post in.

A week ago I hosted a gathering with two of the moms I met when The boys were in the special care nursery. Jen was there with her twin boys, Landon, and Grady, and Katie was there with her little girl Maddie.
Days can get pretty long when you are in the routine of feeding, changing, and sleeping babies. Although the nurses are great to converse with, it was great to have other moms who were on the same page as you.

Jen, Katie and I would sometimes grab lunch down in the cafeteria to take a baby break. It was fun to hear their birth stories and similar challenges with all our preemies.

We have remained in touch, and I had them over for a late morning gathering.... If you have been doing the math in your head, that is 6 babies... I have 3, Jen with 2, and Katie with 1. It was quite the site.
Some of our neighbors even commented later that they saw ladies coming over with babies... And they couldn't believe the site since they knew this house was so full of them all ready! Lol

We shared stories of discharging our babies, and first time mom concerns.... When a baby cried, no matter whose it was, one of us who had a free hand would pick them up to console or feed.
It is so reassuring to have other moms of preemies going through some of the same things.... We can bounce ideas off each other and feel a sense of relief.

We plan to do another 'play date' sometime this next week.

We got a group shot of the babies... And then one including the moms.

Can your pick out the triplets?

So thankful for these mamas!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Due date

Today marks my due date.... So the boys are technically "full term" today.... But instead of still being pregnant and being miserable and overdue, waiting to go into labor or a date to be induced..... I am enjoying the day with my 7 week old baby boys.
It is crazy to think of our life before them. Even from the days we were in the hospital with them to now, they have changed so much... Looks, weight, and development.
Yes their weights are around what full term babies would be, but we are right on track... They are eating very well and gaining weights light champs.
Henry- 7 lbs 8oz

Nolan- 6lbs 9oz

Graham- 6lbs 4oz

They are eating every three hours during the day and them about every 4-4.5 hours at night, which mom and dad appreciate...hopefully it stays that way!
We have fun seeing people as they come to visit... A few times we have ventured out...

My dad's cousin Sue came to help feed!

A couple of the staff members from church love when I bring a baby in to visit.

Mary, Ann, and Anne, all triplet moms came to meet the boys, bring me dinner, and help with a feeding!

Grandma Vicki reading books to Henry.

Grandma Lynda came to snuggle and feed.

I love making these collages of the boys....

Snuggle time... Two at a time. Henry and Nolan.
They will have their 2 month check up in a couple weeks so I will have more details on each baby then.... But just know we are doing very well and falling into a pretty good routine... Never taking advantage of the help being offered! We are grateful!
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One day at a time

Although we have fallen into a routine.. Or so we think.... These boys definitely run the show. We are just in a three hour rotation of eating, sleeping, and changing diapers....
Such is the life of triplets..... People keep saying to us.... "I barely did it with one... I don't know how you do it?" Well.... We don't really know any different so this is just our normal and we go with it.... And its not like we have too much of a choice either. Lol but we are loving every minute of it,and not wishing away these moments of cuddles and tiny fingers and tiny toes.

Dave has been back at work now for a week and a half. I have had a steady group of helpers that come help with feedings.... And other household things like laundry,cleaning house, bottle washing, entertaining me, and even letting me sleep and shower. Although I know now I can do a feeding all alone... It helps when there is more then one person... I cuts the time in half.

Bath day has been falling on Wednesdays... So far.... They seem to like the bath which helps.

The boys go in on Friday for another weight check... But since they have all graduated out of their preemie clothes, I would say they are gaining weight like champs... I will have actual weights on Friday... Stay tuned.

Dave and I have now mounted our TV in the living room, since that is where all things baby occur. We are in there day and night to change babies, to feed babies, where the babies sleep ( in their rock and plays), so now 2am feedings go a bit soother with tv.

And to wrap up.... Here are just a few more pictures for you so you can see how they are growing!

I also got an Instagram account.... If you want to follow me... And see pictures and videos I take.... My user name is:

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Picture update

I thought I would just post some pictures of our week....

- 4 generation picture!

Grandpa Tim admiring his grandsons

Grandma Vicki came over to help and was soaking up some baby snuggles!

A sweet couple from church offered to make window treatments for the nursery.... Along with coming over and putting them in.... The nursery is almost complete! ( just need a rug) THANK YOU!!!!!

Graham was wide awake for fireworks on the 4th. None of them flinched at the big booms.... Next year might be a different story.

Some brotherly love.... Graham and Nolan.

A morning with the boys alone.... Wishing my BFF Kat a happy birthday!

All lined up and fed....I got this ( well for today I do...)

Stay tuned for more to come!

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