Tuesday, May 6, 2014

11 month update!

How old? 11 months old on May day! ( our engagement anniversary!)

Our weights:
Still wearing 12 month clothes... our little Nolan will still fit into some 9 month, but he is so long and lean....
Henry is starting to wear 18 month stuff..

Our sleeping patterns?  Wake up-around 7am
                                        Naps- 10-12, and 3-5pm
                                        bedtime- 7:30ish
We take turns getting up at night, with the occasional everyone sleeps all night (which is glorious) I think they are all teething their top two front teeth, so it throws a wrench in the sleeping habits.            

 ALL THREE are in the crib, finally.... with the occasional pack and play in the living room for who ever is being most difficult with night time sleeping, to prevent from waking the other two up.

What are they eating: Lots of fruits! We love blueberries (especially frozen), raspberries, strawberries, and bananas. Veggies are becoming a challenge, but the squeeze pouches that are mixed like spinach and apple, or pear and pea... is how we are trying to get those veggies in... puree sweet potatoes are a go to as well. 

They love meat... meatballs, chicken fries, chicken nuggets, ground beef, deli ham, but a favorite for these guys is carbs... grilled cheese, peanut butter toast, pancakes.... they LOVE IT!

We have tried goldfish crackers, cucumbers, a little ice cream, ramen noodles, to name a few.

eating Habits: Nolan-
Is mr. independent... doesnt like being fed with a spoon.. only what is on his tray and only if he can put it in his mouth... we have to distract him to get food in on the spoon... and he like to swipe everything off his tray as well... Bosley our pup loves that! Nolan does well with his sippy, but once he has his sippy cup, no more food for him.
Henry- uses his hair as a napkin... still smooshes food, but is getting better. Henry does well with his sippy cup too, but still loves his bottle.

- Rockstar eater... he loves food... and usually clears his tray! Big talker at dinner... and LOVES his sippy cup of water!

Our likes? They all love car rides, being outside in the sun, standing, exploring, bath time, just all around happy guys!

H: Funny noises, TV, sleeping in mom and dads bed for naps, standing up on everything, talking a lot, pulling Nolan's hair, using Graham to pull himself up, music, dancing, the touch a feel books we have! He loves to be held, preferably by mom.

N: being on the move... he does not like to be confined... he pulls himself up on everything. We find him standing in his crib every morning, entertaining his brothers for morning wake up. He has found the dog food, and tried to eat it, he loves Bosley's bell by the back door. he is crawling everywhere.  I love when Nolan finds a book, he will roll over on his back and read it... so cute!

G: He loves standing over sitting, still looking out the window. As the observer of the three, he loves to watch; people, tv, the dog... he loves playing peek-a-boo, and being tossed in the air for some cute laughs. He is a BIG splasher in the tub, and loves his face to be caressed softly to wind down.

Our dislikes? Getting changed after baths, getting our faces wiped after meals (I usually put on a funny Raffi song and sing nice and loud so they are too busy laughing to hate the face cleaning), fingernails being clipped.

Teeth check: Henry- bottom 2   Nolan: Bottom 2  Graham: Bottom 2
All I think are working on top two.. of not top 4... I dislike teething!

Next up... one year!!! I cant even believe it!!!


First time swinging!!! It was a hit!!

Dinner time at the Kerns!!

Kern/Johnson/Dvorak play date! 

Tubby time!!

Neighborhood watch!!