Sunday, May 26, 2013

First overnight hospital stay

Well.... although it was our 3rd trip to the hospital-
1st- 27 weeks with some contractions... sent home after a couple hours
2nd- This last Monday, May 20th- more contractions in a shorter period of time... but sent home because they stopped.

3rd time- This happened due to the results of my dr. appointment this last Thursday.

I went in for a growth ultrasound, Bio Physical Profile, and Non-stress-test. These are my favorite because we get to see a detailed ultrasound of the babies and see specifically how much they weigh- based on the size of their heads, bellies, and femur bones.
Baby A came in at a whopping 4 pounds! 52% for weight! Growing boy!
Baby B came in at 3 pounds 3 ounces- 20th% for weight... a little smaller than expected
Baby C came in at 3 pounds 7 ounces- 22nd % for weight... smaller but still on the growing curve.

They all passed their breathing test, flexibility, non stress test... so it was just size I found out they were a bit concerned about.

Dr. Wagner came in (such a great doc!) to let me know he was happy for the most part, but was a little concerned that baby B's size was starting to plateau and wanted to do a few days of monitoring to make sure he was not under any stress... (his lack of size was due to a bit of resistance in his blood flow from the cord. You don't want it to resist too much, or even reverse, otherwise that would result in immediate delivery)

So I was told I just had to be at the hospital by early evening, so they could also give me my first round of the steroid to help jump start lung development. So off we went around 6:30 to the mother-baby center for a 3 day monitoring session at the hospital.

I was put on the second floor, in an anti-pardon room. We got settled in, Dave stayed for a bit, but then headed home to be with our pup and also because he had to work in the AM. I didn't sleep very well the first night, but the bed was not too bad!

The next couple days were pretty low key:
They would monitor the babies once in the morning, and once at night. This meant they would put heart monitors on my belly and listen for a good 30 minutes to make sure all three would have heart excelerations 15 above their baseline heart rate, and last for at least 15 seconds.
I had a total of 6 of these sessions. They passed every time!

This test helped us to see if any of the babies were under any stress... which would show in their heart rates. If they passed this test, we wouldn't have to do further measures.

Baby B was a bit of a stinker... it is like he knows he is being monitored... he has always been our mover and shaker.

Baby C always cooperated... easiest to find his heartbeat, and would give us what we needed in the tests.

Baby A had his moments... but he is the one who responds most when I have orange juice... ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Because of the size of baby B, they are now saying they will not let me deliver past 34 weeks. Just to make sure they come out before anything changes too much.

While at the hospital I had some visitors. It helped the days pass quickly... some brought some great treats which I was grateful for! THANK YOU for those who came to spend some time with me! The remainder parts of the day were spent watching a lot of wedding shows on TLC, playing candy crush, facetiming, or watching Parenthood on Netflix.

The facility was very nice (HUGE bathroom), wonderful nurses, great room! I am looking forward to going back for the delivery of our boys.

I was given the clear to go home this morning.... so Dave picked me up around 10:45. We went out to brunch to celebrate being about to go home!
It has been a relaxing evening at home, in my own bed, eating our own food, snuggling with the pup.

It is crazy to think in 12 days or less our boys will be here! Lets just hope I can keep them in there as long as possible!

How we spent an evening in the hospital:
Cribbage, DQ malts, and popcorn

Baby Update- 32 weeks!

How far along? 32 weeks 2 days

Sleep? I have figured out that if I am in the recliner during the day, I appreciate our bed and our 12 pillows a lot more.

Maternity Clothes? More just cozy clothes now...  

 Best Moment this week?  
Although I ended up in the hospital from Thursday-Sunday for monitoring, the boys did really well and passed all the non-stress-tests beautifully.  (I will blog about the hospital experience soon)
We are happy we have made it this far! Only about 12 days to go! We are so excited to meet these little guys

Miss Anything? Even though it was only for 3 days... I really missed the comfort of our home... and our puppy Bosley...and Dave too of course... but I am home now and it feels wonderful!

Movement? Especially when I drink orange juice! 

Size of the Babies? Honey dew
This last Thursday at the growth ultrasound:
A- 4 lbs
B- 3 lbs 3 oz
C- 3 lbs 7 oz
My belly was measured around... 52 inches

Food Cravings? Sweets... but I am just eating whenever I feel hungry.

Morning Sickness? I had some nausea this last week, but thank goodness it did not stick around!

Gender?  Three little BOYS! 

Bed Rest? Still not officially... but modified... resting up!

Limitations? Pretty much everything these days.. except eating, drinking water, and resting.

 Weight Gain? I am maintaining weight... but we are so close, it is not about weight gain anymore but more safety of the babies.

Pregnancy Symptoms? This dang heartburn.

Belly Button In or Out? still in......

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Depends on the humidity of the day.

Looking Forward To?
 We have a maternity photo shoot tomorrow. It will be fun to document our family of 2 (3 with Bosley)... and with my belly... and then in just a few short weeks go back and take pictures of our new family of 5 (6 with Bos)

I also now am going to the doctor for monitoring twice a week now... so that will help ease my curiosity of how our little guys are thriving. 

What Dave is saying....  Glad to have you home!!!
Glad the babies are happy and healthy!
(One of the nights I was in the hospital, Dave came home after visiting me and put together the remainder of the rock and plays, swings, and bouncy seats!)

I preview from our maternity shoot


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baby Update- 31 weeks

How far along? 31 weeks 2 days

Sleep? More and more limited... I think I will be resorting to recliner sleeping pretty quick here.

Maternity Clothes? Well yes.... 

 Best Moment this week? 
Another great dr. appointment this week. The boys scored another 10 out of 10!
I had some fun moments with great people this week- 
-2 couples brought over a great dinner
- Went out to dinner with the family for my sister's 21st birthday
- Went to a college friend's bridal shower!
- Dave and I attended a goodbye party for dear friends who are moving to Colorado!

All in all it was a great week... but now I know things need to slow down a bit.

Miss Anything? Refreshing glass of Moscato on these warm days, sitting up right, energy.

Movement? With these boys growing and having less room with each day, they sure do move a lot still. Such a fun feeling!

Size of the Babies? Melons

Food Cravings? Jamba Juice and Sebastian Joes's ice cream

Morning Sickness? nope!

Gender?  Three little BOYS! 

Bed Rest? Somewhat. It is painful to be up on my feet for too long... so I am staying in bed most of the time.

Limitations? Anything that involves movement.

 Weight Gain? When weighed last week I had maintained... but at my appointment this week if I have not gained... I will be put on an Ensure diet!

Pregnancy Symptoms? All the regulars... new ones? Leg cramps, back pain, and exhaustion. 

Belly Button In or Out? still in......

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Depends on the humidity of the day.

Looking Forward To? A growth ultrasound on Thursday to see how big our guys are.
I have a few lunch dates set  up this week too... 

What Dave is saying....  Every so often out of the blue Dave will start a sentence  "so... when the babies arrive....". I love it... we are starting to really wrap our heads around the reality that in less than a month, we will have 3 baby boys! 

Belly pic

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day

Happy Mother's day to all those mother figures in our lives... who care for us in all we do!

It was such a fun day to spend it with family!

Dave and I got up and went to worship at church. It was great to see people... and hear words of encouragement that I made it yet another week! Lots of high fives, hugs, and wishes of having a great Mother's day... (kind of fun to be the recipient of that!)

After church, I was hurting a bit... so we headed home so I could lay down for a few hours before brunch with my family.

The afternoon consisted of brunch at the Women's Club in Minneapolis. They had a fabulous brunch buffet with great salads, breakfast foods, carved meats....and SO much more!

One of the highlights of the day was spending some time with our sweet niece Ally. She is such a ball of energy and entertainment. She is only 21 months and can count to 20 and knows all her letters! (Proud auntie moment)

Here are some pictures from the day! So fun to celebrate mother's day with my mom and sisters...
next year it will be quite different, but still wonderful! I can't wait!

Sweet Ally... making great faces!

The gang at brunch today!

My mom, Vicki

All my sisters! So thankful for all of them!

Baby Update- 30 weeks!

How far along? 30 weeks 2 days

Sleep? I have added about 9 pillows to our bed... which is helping somewhat...

Maternity Clothes? of course... but I am feeling my collection is a bit small... although from now on I wont be going out much so it will be T-shirts and sweatpants for me.

 Best Moment this week? 
At my weekly doc. appointment this last Friday... the boys each scored a 10 out of 10 on their APGAR (activity, pulse, grimace -reflex-, appearance, and respiratory)

Miss Anything? Being able to just get up without pain or struggle. For example... I woke up from a dead sleep to the biggest charlie horse in my calf. I was wailing with pain... it woke Dave right up... he did his best to rub it to calm it down... but it is something I NEVER want to experience again. 

Movement? Becoming more and more throughout the day.... although with all the contractions... it can be hard to feel them sometimes.

Size of the Babies? Heads of Lettuce

Food Cravings? Still fruit/smoothies

Morning Sickness? nope!

Gender?  Three little BOYS! 

Bed Rest?Freedom is slowly being taken away. My blood pressure was up a bit from last week so I am getting closer and closer to bed rest... and I just can't do any activity any more....

Limitations? Everything these days.

 Weight Gain? Well I lost three pounds this last week... I think it was water weight since I am off my feet more.

Pregnancy Symptoms? Heartburn/acid reflux, swollen feet, and joint pain in hands.

Belly Button In or Out? still in......

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Still on, but I have moments where I swell a bit too much...

Looking Forward To? Finally meeting these little boys!
I have made it to the 30 week mark which was my personal goal. Obviously the longer we can keep them in there, great.... but It will be within a month now!

What Dave is saying....  I hate seeing you in all the pain, but I know it just means that the babies are getting closer and closer to their arrival. I am just a ball full of anxiousness!

Belly pic

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Church shower recap

I finally got a bunch of pictures from our church shower, that took place back on April 14th. I didn't want to post on it until I had some great pictures to show off!

Three women from church took charge to host a baby shower for me and Dave, and the trio of course! It was open to the whole congregation (2,500 people).... so you can imagine, as an open house shower, how tough this could be to plan!

The "theme" was ' She is going to POP'. So for food they had, lollipops, rice krispie bars (snap, crackle, POP), popcorn, bubblegum, cake pops, and cupcakes of course, because I sure do LOVE my cupcakes!

They had such cute decorations with fun balloons (which also said happy birthday, since they day of my shower I turned 29).

What I loved was the variety of people that came... high school youth, young families, the older generations of the church.... such a fun loving and supportive group of people!
Dave and I basically were stationed, and didn't move the whole shower... people came to us to chat, get a baby update, and get to know Dave more- oh the ladies loved him!

As for gifts, since it was such a large group of people, they made it a gift card shower. They had a box out all week and at the shower for people to drop their cards in....
HOLY SMOKES... we were blown away with the generous congregation members..... gift cards from Target, Babies R US, Costco, Kohls, Applebee's, Walmart.... the list goes on!
They have been such a HUGE help already as we prepare for the babies.... and we can use them as we need them.

Some people did bring some gifts, so we wrapped up the shower by opening the gifts.... homemade quilts, cute clothes, storage bins, diapers! We were overcome with gratitude!

I am so blessed to be called to serve as Pastor at Zion Lutheran.... to a congregation that is so caring and constantly offering their support and help!  I cant wait till our boys can meet these great people and grow up in this community of genuine care!

Enjoy the pictures!

Rice krispie babies! THANKS PAM!

Table set up

Only 1 table of 3 of treats!

Cake pops!

My cute corsage made from a rattle, socks, and pacifier

Rice Krispie baby!

lollipop display!

card, gift table

Lots of people!

Proud Parents!

Gift Opening!

How far along? 29 weeks 2 days

Sleep? Challenging, but I manage.

Maternity Clothes? Yep... socks are a challenge since it has been cold out... hopefully the weather gets nice so I can just wear flip flops.

 Best Moment this week? HAd a GREAT Dr. appointment this last Friday.  Weekly appointments will start now, so I will have more updates with each week that passes!

The boys are growing strong and looking great! Baby B would not quite cooperate, so we only have 3D pics of baby A and C.... but they are pretty cute if you ask me!

Baby A- puckering his little lips!

Baby C- snug as a bug!

Miss Anything? Levels of my independence.

Movement? Yes, as soon as everything gets quite and still... they are up! It is fun to watch my stomach move!

Size of the Babies? Butternut Squash
A- 2 lbs 15 oz
B- 2 lbs 14 oz
C- 2 lbs 13 oz
All are still in the 50% for size! Great news this late in the pregnancy!

Food Cravings? Nothing specific.... just eating constantly.... or trying to.

Morning Sickness? nope!

Gender?  Three little BOYS! 

Bed Rest? No, just limited mobility. Had a great last day of work today... came home with some pretty swollen feet.... so I will be taking it easy... I want to try and stay away from bed rest as best I can... 

Limitations? Movement.... all movement.

 Weight Gain? around 22 pounds...

Pregnancy Symptoms? Heartburn/acid reflux, swollen feet, and joint pain in hands.

Belly Button In or Out? Not out... but I am growing!

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Still on, but I have moments where I swell a bit too much...

Looking Forward To? Having some time to just relax... although I still want to be constructive with my time.... with caution of course!

What Dave is saying....  This was Dave's post on facebook this morning with this belly pic of the week... Gosh I just love him!
"My Beautiful wife is amazing! 29 weeks pregnant now. She has THREE 3-pound tiny humans inside her and she is still going strong. No bed rest in sight. She's slowing a tad with this being her last day at church, but she'll have plenty of time to rest to let those babies grow. You're going to be an AMAZING Mommy my love. Can't wait to meet those little guys!!"

29 Weeks