Wednesday, July 2, 2014

13 months

How old? 13 months old on July 1st.
I think from this moment on, I will just do posts as things occur... and do major updates at 18 months, 2 year... and so on... but a lot has happened this month development wise... so it must be done!
Our weights: Henry- 22.2 lbs, Nolan- 19.12lbs, Graham-  20.2lbs
Henry is in 18 month clothes, and the other two are in 12 month.... Henry in size 4 diapers, Nolan in size 3, and Graham wears 3 or 4, whatever I grab.

Our sleeping patterns?  Wake up-around 7am- play in our cribs till 7:30.
                                        Naps- 10-12, and 3-5pm  - Afternoon nap is hit or miss for N and G, H  always needs 2 naps though!
                                        bedtime- 8pm

We are finally at a point and have been now for a little while... where we can put them all down to sleep...(no rocking)... and they all put themselves to sleep. It is bittersweet... I have no more babies to rock...but such a freedom to our evening! WOW! Everyone is sleeping through the night. If one wakes up, they usually put themselves back to sleep! Such a change from a couple months ago! WOW! Henry still has to fall asleep alone in the pack and play in our room and we move him once we go to bed... which is pretty much seamless... but that is the next step... all start and sleep all night in their room together. 

What are they eating: Everything! They just had Noodles and Company mac and cheese for the first time and that was a BIG hit! Graham loves his carbs... Nolan loves his fruit, and Henry loves his veggies! So funny!
Their other favorite is ground beef stroaganoff on egg noodles... wow... watch the inhale take place!

They had their first Dum Dum suckers with their first haircuts last week... a big hit as well.. but its sugar... so of course it was...

They do well with their sippys... especially playing the drop them on the floor game... we still do water at meals and bottles of milk in between meals... but i know we have to make that switch soon... man... all the transitions!

Our likes?
  • Standing at the new screen door and watching out the window at the cars and people going by
  • playing in the kitchen with pots/pans/spoons
  • chasing each other around the house and laughing
  • reading books
  • taking everything off tables/shelves when we get the chance
  • crawling through our tunnels/under chairs/ through legs of adults
  • mirrors
  • playing peek a boo with  blankets
  • using all our toys as phones and holding them up to their ears.. (where do they learn this stuff ;)
  • bath time- LOVE to splash! 


Henry-Hen, Henners, Henny Benny, lovie
  • fake crier for attention
  • wants to walk so bad but wants no part in us helping him
  • claps
  • can do sounds for cow and elephant
  •  says mama, dada, num num (food)
  • first hair cut on June 28th
  • still a mamas boy
  • still a great napper and now great sleeper through the night
  •  dancer when he hears music
Nolan- No-eee, Noly, No-No, noly stromboli, punkie-pie
  • Walker! Around June 29th he started and only gets better with time!'
  • first hair cut on June 28th
  • Claps
  • can do sounds for cow and sheep
  • big dancer to music
  • loves books
  • loves to hang the dog's leash around his shoulders and walk/crawl around
  • in the morning when Dave comes in their room he says "hi dada!"
  • says hi, mama, dada, hot, 
  • laughs as he crawls
  • snuggler
  •  waves and says bye bye
  • so chatty
  • softer spoken
Graham- Grammers, G-man, Graham Graham, stinker-pie
  • shovels his food when he eats
  •  pincher/biter
  • loves to play with our dog Bosley
  • says Go Go, mama, dada, no no, num num
  • big flirt
  •  waves bye bye A LOT!
  • loves to watch cars go by outside
  • loves playing with cars on the kitchen/dining room hardwood floors
  • crawls with his arms bowed and hands turned in like a bulldog
  • has a very vocal higher pitched voice...  a fun tone when whining
  • loves to clap hands
Lately we have been back and forth from the dr. with ear infections. I think it is only a matter of time before we are seeing an ENT for tubes... Its amazing how many trips you can take when you have triplets! I a so grateful for our peds office and their understanding of our frequency and family situation!  

  Our dislikes? teething, ear infections, sometimes taking our medicine, being changed and sitting still, being cleaned after meals, too much physical contact when all playing together and it gets rough... (get used to that though right?)

Teeth check: Henry- 3 on the bottom.. and top four are all about to cut through any day!
  Nolan: Bottom 2  and top 4 are close to coming in as well
Graham: Bottom 2, top 2... more pending

Henry peek a boo

Graham looking so smart!

Nolan- my little heart breaker!