Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Orchard Adventure!

Last Friday, my sister Taylor, her friend Laura, and I took the boys to te Pine Tree Apple orchard! It was a bit overcast so we were worried about weather but I decided we might as well try.... Why not! It will be an adventure rain or shine!so e packed the boys up and off we went! 
My best friend Katie and her little guy Liam joined us which was so much fun! 
There was so much room to run and just be outside and explore.

Not a lot of kids there for a Friday afternoon which was nice.... But a good amount of assisted living residents filled the place after a while! 
They loved seeing our three little guys running around and shared their thoughts and opinions on our triplets. (Can't escape the fun comments and questions... Part of the role as mom of multiples!) 

Tons of pictures! 
Looks like and album cover huh?! 

We went on a tractor ride! Graham loved the tractor wheels! Nolan was pointing at all the apple trees says "wha sat?" Henry loved all the bumps and turns! 

Friends since second grade where we would play with dolls and dreamed of this day; taking our own kids out on fun adventures together! 

Thankful for helpers!!!

Classy Henry....

That face! 

Our little model!

Happy blue eyes! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer catch up!

I can't believe I let it go this long without blogging! I think the best thing to do is give a summer update on all the developments of the family fun and of each boy so we can start fresh and new this fall! 

This summer we were very busy... The boys have been extremely active and have been outside a lot! Everyone is walking now, practically running it feels like! 
We loved the 4th of July parade except for the loud fire trucks at the end- and We slept through fireworks! We had a few play dates with our triplet girlfriends and helped them celebrate their first birthday in august! 

I took a big mission trip for 8 days with my church youth group to Pocahontas, Virginia. We had a lot of help between grandparents, our nanny Cindy, and many friends! Dave was a rock star of a dad, per usual... And even though there were a few tears( including mom), we all survived! 

Our nanny Cindy took the triplets to como zoo for the first time! Henry loved the Giraffes, Graham loved the monkeys, and Nolan loved the freedom of running around! 
Grandpa Dave built the boys a swing set in the back yard! They LOVE to swing! Every time we say outside they run to the door waiting for us to take them out! 

Sleep- one morning nap for sure from 10:15-noon. Henry will take an afternoon nap from 3-5 and Nolan and Graham are hit or miss with afternoon nap.... Depends on the day. 
Bedtime routine starts with bath(every other night) 8oz bottle, little play time, brush teeth, read books in nursery, bedtime song, then lights out between 7:30-8pm. 
Everyone sleeps through the night till around 7/7:30am. If they wake at night they fuss back to sleep within a few minutes. 
Eating- we still have great eaters. They love all carbs- pasta, peanut butter toast, cereal.... But other favorites include strawberries, string cheese, stuffing, graham crackers, or pretty much anything they see mom and dad are eating. 
New chairs at Grandmas!

Celebrating cousin ally's 3rd birthday

Matchy Matchy!!

A day at eagles nest play area! 

Brothers wrestling! 

Memorial Day with triplet girlfriends


Evening with the Kerns! 

Grandma's porch swing!

14 months!

15 month appointment! 

15 month stats: 
Henry- 23lbs 1oz, 29.75in
He is in the 85% for head size! 
He is in 18 month clothes, and size 5 shoe. 
Henry still is proud to be a mamas boy, and loves to whine to get what he wants! Henry was the last to walk at the end of July. He still sleeps with his puppy/pacifier and loves the push mower in the back yard. 
Words: duck, 'hi Tay Tay' (aunt Taylor), yuck, mama, dada, wow, nigh nigh, cookie, nana- means more,he  can do all the actions for happy and you know it song and point to his ear, hair, belly, toes, nose.
Animal noises- elephant, cow, sheep, duck
Henry LOVES to dance... And watching seseme street. 

Nolan: 20lbs 5oz, 29 in.
He is in 12 months clothes.... A few 18th month but still the smallest of the bunch, and wearing size 4.5/5 shoe. 
Nolan is the leader of the pack. He lives to run around because he has a lot of energy to burn. He loves to play with balls and can point them out in all the bold we read. Nolan is great at throwing tantrums if we stop something he loves ie. playing outside, brushing teeth, or playing with a certain toy. 
Nolan loves to swing the most out of the three... He could sit and swing with the breeze blowing through his hair all day! 
He is picking up a lot of what we say and do.. And loves to mimic. He points at everything and had his own cute little language and gives kisses! 
Words- hi, mama, dada, wow, car, ball, more, and Tay Tay
Animal noises- cow, sheep, dog, duck
He does all actions for happy and you know it and can point to his hair, nose, ear, toes. 

Graham- 20lbs 5oz, 29.25 in. 
Graham is in 18 month clothes, and wearing 4/4.5 shoes. 
Graham loves to observe but loves to wrestle and tackle his brothers. He plays well with others but also plays so well by himself too! He LOVES trucks and can point them out on the street and in books we read all while rumbling his lips to mock what they sound like. Graham started walking when i was on my church mission trip mid July.... His favorite game to play is putting things from one bucket, dumping them out over his head and repeating it. Graham loves playing outside, especially going on rides in the triplet train wagon. He is finally getting hair although it is very blonde so hard to see! 
Words- mama, dada, bye bye, baba for bottle, car, Tay Tay
Animal noises- elephant, sheep, dog, and his own little noises (like a beat boxer) 
He can do actions to happy and you know it, touch down!, and point to his hair, belly, eyes (which he loves to squint when you tell him to wink), nose, and ear.

All three are wanting so hard to use utensils at meal time but still a bit difficult for them and they get frustrated. 
They are learning so much these days it is hard to remember everything! 
They are such fun little dudes!! 

I promise to be better at blogging now! ;-)