Monday, January 11, 2016


December was a whirlwind! With all the chaos surrounding the holidays, it flew by so fast! Even though most of the traditions stayed the same, we experienced them so differently this year.... with the boys being older and understanding things more, along with my new role at my new church it was definitely a busy but wonderful month!
  • We went and saw Santa again this year... and just like last year the boys had a hard time with concept of Santa... so we got our crying Santa photo.

  • But Portraits from the heart has their method down, with Santa sneaking in before the kids notice him, so we did get one happy picture too... 

Over the years...

  •  We went and saw the Anoka fair grounds all lit up in Christmas lights with our dear friends Pam and Bill Travis. The boys loved all the lights, and pointing out the baby Jesus in their numerous Nativity scenes.

  • We decorated gingerbread houses at a Created to Grow event. A fellow triplet mom has started her own business in many creative events for kids for all ages!

  • The staff at my new call, St. Philips Lutheran church.

  • Christmas Eve... I preached at the 2, 4, and 10pm services. In between the 4 and 10, my side of the family all gathered at my sister's place in Maple Grove. Lots of present opening, and family pictures to be had. I headed back to church to preach, and was finally home at 11:30 where we "prepared" for Santa to come to our house.
All the guys got Zubas for Christmas! 
Petersons, the original 6!

Nolan wanted in on the picture... 

After the final service...
  • Christmas morning was so much fun. Waking up, just the 5 of us, to the boys seeing all the presents Santa had brought. They opened everything in about 15 minutes. This year, some of the biggest hits were: Magformers, baby dolls with strollers, and all things Paw Patrol... a new favorite show of theirs. 

  • Christmas day we headed to Dave's parents house where we celebrated with the Lundholm side of the family. There was a buffet of all appetizer stuff (my favorite) and it was so nice to just simply be together. The boys opened more presents, we had a gift exchange game, and we headed home exhausted after 3.5 hours of family fun! 
Picture with auntie Jean! 

It was so fun to see Christmas through the eyes of a child again. To have the magic of Christmas after many years of working or experiencing the chaos as an adult is awesome! some of the phrases I will remember from our boys this Christmas
  • (while driving and seeing Christmas lights)- "mama there is another baby Jesus! Oh, and Frosty, Oh and Santa too!"
  • (right away when they would wake up in the morning)- "Mama, turn on the Christmas tree lights! Hurry!"
  • (at night when we would plug our blow up Olaf in)- "MAMA! Olaf woke up!"
  • "Is Santa coming tonight?" (excited but panicked) 
  • Our nanny took them to the mall, and a random man with a beard was walking toward them in the mall, they freaked out, and our nanny had to tell them it was not Santa. Their reply: "is it Santa's friend?" (since he had a white beard too..."
Other funny faces this month:
New Olaf jammies from nanny Sarah!

Matchy Matchy! 

G man being silly!

Nolan showing his muscles!

Muscle man Henry! 

Cozy snuggles!