Saturday, June 29, 2013

1 month old!!

I can't believe it has already been a month since you were born! The time has gone way too fast!
Each of you are growing remarkably well. We have had great dr. Visits and everyone is just so amazed with how well you are all doing!
You have had lots of visitors already, but I am sure this is just the beginning.
You are at 37 weeks technically... So still 3 weeks away from your original due date, And look how well you are thriving: eating from bottles, sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches, waking yourselves up to eat, awesome eye contact, amazing burpers, and growing like little precious weeds!
Your dad and I have had so much fun this past week with you all home. You are developing your own personalities which will only get better with time.
Here is an update with some fun facts about each of you so we can remember these as you grow to be big strong boys!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Busy busy busy...but loving it

Well we are all home now.
Henry joined us last Friday after successfully passing his carseat test.

It has been quite the journey to be home with our three boys but I think we have falling into a good routine.
The boys are eating about every 3-4 hours which at times can be a bit of challenge (around the 2am mark), but we have a good system of Henry eating first, because he is our time keeper.... Keeping us on a regular schedule, usually Graham is second, because he tends to start to squawk if we wait too long, and Nolan takes up the rear, our patient little guy.
We have had some visitors, and great dinners delivered to our house through our meal train website,
That has been so helpful....
The boys have all had their first doctor appointment, and we go back again on Friday for another check up with all three to check weight gain, I believe.
If they continue to eat like they are, I don't think we should see any issues!
We are in the mode of taking things one day at a time. Dave goes back to work on Monday, which will be different, but I have some helpers l,inked up to come throughout the month to help.... Phew!
Although I have done a feeding or two by myself... I am grateful for that extra set of hands when available!

Henry, Nolan, and Graham
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

First night home with 2 of 3

Well.... We got to bring our tiny twosome home yesterday. Nolan and Graham passed all their tests! Henry is rescheduled for Friday so hopefully we will all be home by then!

We packed up the boys and went through all the discharge procedures.... Signing papers, going over fortifying milk to make it 22 calories....emptying all their drawers of combs, diapers, lotion, tiny blood pressure cuffs, load them in their carseats and head out!

We got home just in time for their feeding and changing routine. The boys are on a 3 hour schedule, so every three hours we wake to feed, change their diapers, snuggle for a bit, then back to bed.

Our first night went pretty well... The boys cooperated very well and we were able to get 2 hour increments of sleep for the most part.

Of course as first time parents we slept with the light on with the boys in their rock and plays at our bedside... Making sure they were breathing ok. I woke with every squeak and stir from them, but feeling a bit tired from that, and knowing they did so well, I got a bit more sleep with each passing hour.

Today we are just having low key day and sticking to our routine.... Which will not last too long because they have their first dr. Appointments tomorrow, as well as hopefully picking up their "big" brother.

We are so thrilled Nolan and Graham are home and doing so well, so far... Now, we just have to figure out how to add a third little monkey to the mix... ;-)

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quite the update!!!!

Well there is lots of updates just for, today alone.

As of today, the boys are 2 weeks 3 days old.


Henry: 4lbs 13oz

Nolan: 4lbs 3oz

Graham: 4lbs 1 oz

Their feeding tubes have been out for a few days now and they have been bottle feeding like champs!

Today they had a very busy day!

First this morning they had their carseat tests. This means they were hooked up to monitors to watch their oxygen and heart rate. They make sure they can sit in that position for an hour safely.

While they were being tested, we had some carseat safety lessons.

The boys are allowed one "event"... Meaning they can drop heart rate or oxygen level just once. They then have to start over, But if they have another "event" that constitutes a fail, they they have to wait a few more days to test them again.

Well sadly, Henry had 2 little events.... So he now has to wait till Friday morning to be tested again. We were little bummed but we understand his safety comes first.

Nolan had one little event... But after they started over, he sailed right through!

Graham, our little show off... Had no events, and passed with flying colors. They only hiccup with Graham was they were a bit worried he was too small for his carseat.... But after some discuss they had us put the lower padding that came with the carseat back in and then he fit.... (We almost were going to have to buy a whole new carseat that would accommodate his size (quite the purchase).

After carseat tests were done it was back to our room... For circumcisions. :-(

I chose not to be present for these.... No way I could handle the cries or procedure in general ( and it wasn't even happening to me!)

I came back after I knew it would all be done... And I asked how it all went. Our nurse Kelli informed me that non of the boys made a peep. Henry was looking around at all the lights and excitement, Nolan just did some squirming, and Graham slept through most of it.

No one cried.... They said it helped that they had some sweet suger water and their pacifiers.

They have been recovering well, enjoying the Tylonol, and continuing to eat well (eating can be a challenge after a busy day like today)

They still have to get their Hep B shot tonight, but they were going to wait quite a few hours to give them a break..... (This momma is grateful for that)

All these tests and procedures means they will be prepping them to come home. This means Nolan and Graham are coming home tomorrow!!!!!

Nolan and Graham

Dave and I had a great night out at 112 eatery to celebrate!

We came home and put 2 of the carseat bases in the car, and tomorrow afternoon will be bringing 2 of our 3 sons home.

We are sad that Henry has to wait a day or two... But their nurses are thrilled they can slowly Be weened from the adorable Dvorak triplets!

We should have everyone home by Friday.... And then the fun really begins!

We are looking forward to all being home as a family of 5!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tribute to dad

Dear Henry, Nolan, and Graham,
Today is Father's Day. And because of you three, this is a day we get to honor, recognize, and celebrate your dad, Dave (although we should do these things everyday).

Your dad, my husband Dave is truly amazing. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever met. He goes above and beyond to meet the needs of others. He is devoted to his work, whether that be his career or role as husband and father here at home.

Your dad loves his family... He goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is being taken care of. He shows love and support and simply is genuine in all he says and does. He is kind, funny, witty, smart, driven, and is the king when it comes to random trivia knowledge.... And scrabble.

He is a perfect role model for you three. He has loved you before he even knew you, and I know he will do anything for you and our family to keep you safe and protected as a loving compassionate dad would.

He will teach you a great deal; how to play baseball, mow the lawn, a good work ethic, how to be gentlemen, to drive, to play video games, to be honest and true to yourself, to appreciate family..... Just to name a few.

I want you boys to know how lucky you are to have an incredible man as your dad.

So although you are too little to say it, I will say it on behalf of you three today...

Happy Father's Day Davey J, daddy, hubby, love of my life!! We love you very much and appreciate all you have done for us!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A busy day today

We had quite the day today!
It was bath day for all the boys... Which takes a lot out of them and mommy.... But needless to say, they are so fresh and so clean! I just love that clean baby smell! I just wanna bottle it and bring it home with me!

Graham had already had his bath by the time I got there today, so I just had Henry and Nolan to do.

After a great visiting session with a life long family friend, Joyce.... And a great lunch with an expected mom of triplet girls.... It was back to the schedule of the boys.

By schedule I mean:
Every hour they rotate an hour of cares for the boys....
An hour of cares consists of, temperature, new diaper, blood pressure, measure abdomen, check stats, feed, and bath if it is a bath day (every 4 days).
Dave and I usually do temp, diaper, feed, and bath, if we are there!

I usually arrive around the noon hour.
Graham is at noon
Henry is at 1
Nolan is at 2
Graham is at 3
Henry is at 4
Nolan is at 5..... And so on.
Since we are more hands on with them now, we stick to schedule and keep rotating throughout the day. ( this schedule will get closer together so it will be easier to adapt when they come home)

Obviously just because we are there doesn't mean we HAVE to do hour of cares.... One of our primary nurses said to us " you know, we are here and are getting paid to do this, so if you wanna take a break, and rest, eat, sleep.... We are here and happy to do it!"

I needed to hear this because at first, I was there and wanted to soak up as much time with them as I could.... But I was forgetting to pump, eat, rest, etc..... So I needed the reminder.... Because once they come home.... We are game on!!!!

The boys are also starting to bottle feed.... ( they have to take all their feedings like this, or breast feed before they can go home)
They were introduced to bottles last night.... And I got to do some today with them.... And let me just say, as 1 week 3 day old preemies.... They are rocking that bottle!!!! They have to learn the suck, swallow, breath method
(which is a lot for a preemie- usually mastered around 34/35 week gestation)
If they can finish their bottles- awesome
If they just quite can't finish because they are tuckered out.... They just put the remainder in their feeding tubes, which is happening less and less!

Nolan bottle feeding!

I am such a proud mama!
Also.... When I bathed Henry and Nolan today.... Neither cried for me... They just sat back and enjoyed every moment!

A busy but great day for all involved!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

How our stay has been...

So I thought I should get some things down from our stay just for my own memory since this is the only way I have been documenting this pregnancy!
So the triplets have been doing remarkably well! Never went to the NICU... So here we go, a rundown of each baby for the last week and a half.
Henry John: baby A in my belly
Henry was our biggest baby at 4 lbs 2oz- 17 in in length. He has lost weight over the first week and a half but today, being 1 week 2 days he is back to his original birth weight.
Henry was on oxygen for the first 2 days but has been taken off and doing remarkably well.
Henry has very blonde hair, blue eyes and nice big cheeks.
We think he looks the most like me. Although none of them are identical we are seeing some similarities.... They definitely are brothers!
Henry is hit or miss when it comes to feeding time with mommy.... Sometimes he just wants to sleep and snuggle... No complaints here.

Nolan Michael: baby C in my belly
Nolan was our second biggest baby at 3lbs 9 oz.- 16.2 in in length. As of today, he is weighing in at 3lbs 7oz.
Nolan is a bit more darker in skin and hair. He has some good size lips on him and loves to pucker up! We think Nolan looks the most like daddy... And between all three of them, Nolan has his own look going on! He is a good little eater and smiles a lot while falling asleep. Nolan was put on oxygen on day 4 of being here but it was short lived and he was off oxygen within 2 days.

Graham Edward- baby B in my belly
Graham is the tiny but mighty one. He weighed 3lbs 2oz at birth- 16.2 in in length... never really lost a lot of weight and is now up to 3 lbs 7oz. He has been a rock star in terms of breathing, eating, and growing. He is very active, and now knows when it is his hour to eat... He is alert!
Graham has very blonde hair (was born with white hair), and has blue eyes.
He has a perfectly round little head....and loves to try and pull his feeding tube out, ( actually they all do, so they are all wearing little mittens)

Of all three of the babies, Graham and Henry look the most alike! I don't know if it is the shape of their faces, or if they are both really blonde.... But we had a chance to do some comparison and it was pretty shocking...

Graham looks like a smaller version of Henry.
(Henry on left)
When holding them both yesterday we did another picture comparison and this is what we got!

Not identical.... Just brothers!
Graham and Nolan were first to go under lights to regulate their bilirubin... Henry was last to go on bilirubin lights just a a day later then his brothers. Then they went off them, but in the last few days all three went back on them again. ( This is common with preemies) Hopefully they will go off of them tomorrow... And that will be the end of the glow worm stage.... (I want them back in their cute little outfits again)
This is a typical pose for our boys under the lights.... They hate their glasses but love their pacifiers!!

Sweet Nolan sunbathing away!
All in all they are doing really well. We don't know when they will be discharged yet.... They have to pass a few tests first
Such as:
Regulating their own temp on their own
Bottle feed/ breast feed all feedings
Car seat test- regulate breathing on their own while sitting in their car seat.
We are loving our time here in the special care nursery... Or nurses are all wonderful and loving our boys lots, especially when we are not here, which is so reassuring!!
Till next time! Thanks for all your support and prayers!
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Triplet's Birth Story

Well, like I said in my previous post, I was told on Friday, May 31 that we would be having our babies.... TOMORROW!
I was sort of planning on having the next week to finalize things.... go to 112 Eatery one last time with Dave... have my final days as a family of 2... well... instead we had about 20 hours. ( June 1st would be their birthday.... our goal was to make it till June.... and we DID!)

I called Dave immediately at work and I asked him- " how do you feel about becoming a dad tomorrow?"
His response- "really? are you serious?" Followed by a ton of laughter! Ready or not here they come!

I drove home, calling all my family members, informing them to be at the hospital the next day, June 1st, at 9:30am... so they wouldnt miss the birthday of our baby boys!
Everyone was so excited, and in disbelief that it was really happening.

I got home, and almost didnt know what to do first. I actually think I layed down for a bit. I got a text from Dave around noon saying, " I cant concentrate, I am leaving work now, be home soon."
So dave came home, and we took a 2 hour nap together. (I think the shock of babies coming wore us out)

That night we got P.F.Changs for dinner, got the house pretty clean, called friends to get our puppy Bosley taken care of for the following days ahead, packed our bags, and tried to get some sleep!

We were up and out the door by 7am. We got to the hospital, and they brought me to a room to get me prepped right away!

My nurse Libby was wonderful! She, along with the whole team, who came in to see me, were so thorough in explaining everything that was going to happen!

I waddled into the OR around 9:30am... sat on the table for my spinal block- which was not that bad!
As I laid down, in came the pit crew to prep for the operation!
Dave then came in all decked out in his scrubs ready to go with the camera.

As soon as I was all numb and prepped, off they went!
Weird feeling to be numb from the chest down, but boy was I grateful! Kendall was the guy in charge of keeping me numb and watching my vitals. He was wonderful! Kept us informed, checked in, great bedside manner!
I did get nauseated during the C-section... due to my blood pressure dropping a bit too fast once the spinal block reached its peak.
A bit tricky to puke while laying down... but all went ok. and soon I was feeling better again!

It was about 15 minutes in that babies were starting to be born. The dr. alerted Dave to stand up and get the camera ready. The baby nurses were standing ready to take each baby once they were born.

At 10:15am baby A, Henry John was born- screaming at the top of his lungs! The best sound in the world!
4 lbs 2 oz

At 10:16am baby C was born- Nolan Michael. Again screaming nice and loud!
3 lbs 9 oz

At 10:16am- just moments later baby B was born- Graham Edward- screaming like his brothers!
3 lbs 2 oz

And that was that... we were parents,.. to three baby boys!
Dave went into the next room to take more pictures of each baby, cut cords, and get a nice close look at the newest Dvoraks!

He came back in and filled me in, showed me pictures, and just soak it all in as parents. They brought in Graham and Nolan for us to see, ( Henry was on a bit of oxygen so they couldn't bring him in)

Dave left again to go be with the boys, while I remained on the table as they put me back together.
From the moment I waddled in there to when they wheeled me out, only 1 hour 20 minutes! AMAZING!

I went to recovery for another hour and 20 minutes. I had a bit of the shakes, so they tried to get that under control. I was feeling pretty good, and we just needed to wait for me to regain some feeling in my legs and feet.
Since I couldnt eat or drink 8 hours prior to surgery I was very excited when my nurse, Libby, brought me ice chips.... but I was BEYOND excited when she brought me a glass saying "a little birdie told me you LOVE apple juice, so I brought you some"  (oh that husband of mine.... gosh I love him!)

Dave was able to bring back our family 2 by 2 to say hi and see me. It was fun to watch the video they took of Dave coming to reveal their names and weights! I will make sure to post that when I get my hands on it!

After recovery, they took me right to see the babies... who were brought to special care nursery (a step up from NICU, a step down from the regular nursery! AMAZING boys!) I was able to see Nolan, and finally see Henry, but I got to hold Graham! Wow, such a powerful moment.. to hold and snuggle my son!
Their cute name sign on their door- a nurse makes them for all the special care babies!

After a bit, I realized I had not had any pain meds yet...and I was starting to feel pain.
They got me settled in my room and gave me pain meds. Things got a little groggy for a while... but a few visitors came to see us.
It took a while to get my pain under control, but my nurse, Peggy, for that day was amazing and made it happen.
Dave and I did our best to get sleep that night... it was Sunday morning, they had me up and out of bed, in the shower, and in a wheel chair so we could go visit the babies!

I stayed in the hospital till Wednesday afternoon.
Days consisted of:
 Rrdering breakfast and lunch, dinner was usually brought to us! SO nice!
 Pain meds distributed throughout the day and night-every 4 hours
visitors coming and going
back and forth trips to the special care nursery to see, hold, and love our boys
start the process of pumping
TV watching

I was feeling pretty good starting Monday morning, both my nurses and the special care nurses were amazed at how well I was doing... I soon got the reputation that I was the mom that didn'rt rest enough...
but I made sure to listen to instructions as best I could, to stay healthy.

I was discharged Wednesday afternoon.
My staples from my incision were taken out. (not as painful as it sounds)
We had a bit of an insurance hiccup where I needed to call to clarify some things... it was at this time my hormones decided to go wonky on me.... I started crying, for no real reason... and of course my nurse warned Dave, "there usually is no reason for crying, so don't ask why... just comfort her."

Once we were discharged from my room, we headed to the special care nursery to spend some time with our boys before heading home.
I did well leaving, although it was not fun...I knew I would be back the next day at noon to be with them all day!

When we got home, we started to unpack. Dave decided to open a card we got from a friend. It was one of those singing cards, this one played somewhere over the rainbow, by the hawaiian guy with the ukulele .... It took all of 2.5 seconds of hearing that card... and I started bawling.... no real reason... probably because I was missing the babies... but I threw Dave off that is for sure. He did great at comforting me as I calmed down.

It was about a half an hour later, we were watching wheel of fortune. It was the final puzzle.... 'person'... the contestant solved it.... it was 'twins and triplets'- cue water works! I lost it again... oh man these hormones were getting the best of me.
Dave asked me as he comforted- "what do you need when this happens? Wine? Food? Ice cream? Me? Me to leave you alone?
Awww what a guy.

 I DID made it through my first night away from the boys. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed, with my husband and puppy.  So now for the next couple weeks it will be back and forth from the hospital... soaking up as much baby time as we can during the day, and trying to have restful nights at home before they all come home and it REALLY begins.

They are here!!!!

Well, it has been a week since I have posted, but I have a good excuse... well three good excuses....

I went into my 33 week appointment, and although the babies looked good, they didnt really want to wait for them to get to a point where they were not ok, so they decided, it was time.
My Dr. called a few other of her colleagues to make sure she was making a good move... and all agreed with her... so, since Dr. Wagner was on call for the weekend and agreed to do my C-section....

Here is me the morning of my C-Section- a final belly shot!

33 weeks 1 day!

I will add more of a detailed description of their birth story in another post, but for now... here is their announcement!