Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quite the update!!!!

Well there is lots of updates just for, today alone.

As of today, the boys are 2 weeks 3 days old.


Henry: 4lbs 13oz

Nolan: 4lbs 3oz

Graham: 4lbs 1 oz

Their feeding tubes have been out for a few days now and they have been bottle feeding like champs!

Today they had a very busy day!

First this morning they had their carseat tests. This means they were hooked up to monitors to watch their oxygen and heart rate. They make sure they can sit in that position for an hour safely.

While they were being tested, we had some carseat safety lessons.

The boys are allowed one "event"... Meaning they can drop heart rate or oxygen level just once. They then have to start over, But if they have another "event" that constitutes a fail, they they have to wait a few more days to test them again.

Well sadly, Henry had 2 little events.... So he now has to wait till Friday morning to be tested again. We were little bummed but we understand his safety comes first.

Nolan had one little event... But after they started over, he sailed right through!

Graham, our little show off... Had no events, and passed with flying colors. They only hiccup with Graham was they were a bit worried he was too small for his carseat.... But after some discuss they had us put the lower padding that came with the carseat back in and then he fit.... (We almost were going to have to buy a whole new carseat that would accommodate his size (quite the purchase).

After carseat tests were done it was back to our room... For circumcisions. :-(

I chose not to be present for these.... No way I could handle the cries or procedure in general ( and it wasn't even happening to me!)

I came back after I knew it would all be done... And I asked how it all went. Our nurse Kelli informed me that non of the boys made a peep. Henry was looking around at all the lights and excitement, Nolan just did some squirming, and Graham slept through most of it.

No one cried.... They said it helped that they had some sweet suger water and their pacifiers.

They have been recovering well, enjoying the Tylonol, and continuing to eat well (eating can be a challenge after a busy day like today)

They still have to get their Hep B shot tonight, but they were going to wait quite a few hours to give them a break..... (This momma is grateful for that)

All these tests and procedures means they will be prepping them to come home. This means Nolan and Graham are coming home tomorrow!!!!!

Nolan and Graham

Dave and I had a great night out at 112 eatery to celebrate!

We came home and put 2 of the carseat bases in the car, and tomorrow afternoon will be bringing 2 of our 3 sons home.

We are sad that Henry has to wait a day or two... But their nurses are thrilled they can slowly Be weened from the adorable Dvorak triplets!

We should have everyone home by Friday.... And then the fun really begins!

We are looking forward to all being home as a family of 5!

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