Monday, June 10, 2013

How our stay has been...

So I thought I should get some things down from our stay just for my own memory since this is the only way I have been documenting this pregnancy!
So the triplets have been doing remarkably well! Never went to the NICU... So here we go, a rundown of each baby for the last week and a half.
Henry John: baby A in my belly
Henry was our biggest baby at 4 lbs 2oz- 17 in in length. He has lost weight over the first week and a half but today, being 1 week 2 days he is back to his original birth weight.
Henry was on oxygen for the first 2 days but has been taken off and doing remarkably well.
Henry has very blonde hair, blue eyes and nice big cheeks.
We think he looks the most like me. Although none of them are identical we are seeing some similarities.... They definitely are brothers!
Henry is hit or miss when it comes to feeding time with mommy.... Sometimes he just wants to sleep and snuggle... No complaints here.

Nolan Michael: baby C in my belly
Nolan was our second biggest baby at 3lbs 9 oz.- 16.2 in in length. As of today, he is weighing in at 3lbs 7oz.
Nolan is a bit more darker in skin and hair. He has some good size lips on him and loves to pucker up! We think Nolan looks the most like daddy... And between all three of them, Nolan has his own look going on! He is a good little eater and smiles a lot while falling asleep. Nolan was put on oxygen on day 4 of being here but it was short lived and he was off oxygen within 2 days.

Graham Edward- baby B in my belly
Graham is the tiny but mighty one. He weighed 3lbs 2oz at birth- 16.2 in in length... never really lost a lot of weight and is now up to 3 lbs 7oz. He has been a rock star in terms of breathing, eating, and growing. He is very active, and now knows when it is his hour to eat... He is alert!
Graham has very blonde hair (was born with white hair), and has blue eyes.
He has a perfectly round little head....and loves to try and pull his feeding tube out, ( actually they all do, so they are all wearing little mittens)

Of all three of the babies, Graham and Henry look the most alike! I don't know if it is the shape of their faces, or if they are both really blonde.... But we had a chance to do some comparison and it was pretty shocking...

Graham looks like a smaller version of Henry.
(Henry on left)
When holding them both yesterday we did another picture comparison and this is what we got!

Not identical.... Just brothers!
Graham and Nolan were first to go under lights to regulate their bilirubin... Henry was last to go on bilirubin lights just a a day later then his brothers. Then they went off them, but in the last few days all three went back on them again. ( This is common with preemies) Hopefully they will go off of them tomorrow... And that will be the end of the glow worm stage.... (I want them back in their cute little outfits again)
This is a typical pose for our boys under the lights.... They hate their glasses but love their pacifiers!!

Sweet Nolan sunbathing away!
All in all they are doing really well. We don't know when they will be discharged yet.... They have to pass a few tests first
Such as:
Regulating their own temp on their own
Bottle feed/ breast feed all feedings
Car seat test- regulate breathing on their own while sitting in their car seat.
We are loving our time here in the special care nursery... Or nurses are all wonderful and loving our boys lots, especially when we are not here, which is so reassuring!!
Till next time! Thanks for all your support and prayers!
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