Thursday, February 4, 2016

January 2016

 This January has been a month filled with family and friends. We have been out and about seeing people, and playing hard! You can only watch so many episodes of Paw Patrol before you start to go a little stir crazy!

Dave and I got to start the new year together in Colorado. I was asked to officiate a college friend's wedding, so off to Fort Collins we went... sans kids! We are so grateful for Dave's parents for not only moving into our house to watch the boys while we were gone, but also provided transportation to and from the airport! Man are we lucky!
    Papa Dave and Nolan

    Nana Lynda time

    Bride and Groom

    Dear friends

Delicious bloodys at Snooze, a great breakfast place in Fort Collins

The first couple days of our trip were pretty centered around wedding festivities... it was fun for all of us girls and our hubbys to be together for new years, but sadly we realized we were not in college anymore... we didn't even make it to midnight. Oh well.

The wedding was beautiful, with close family and friends. It is always such a privilege to officiate at dear friend's weddings.

We spent our last day enjoying breweries and downtown Fort Collins before heading home to our three little monkeys. Work takes me on a lot of different trips, but it was so great to take a trip with the hubby! It was long over due!

With Dave having some more vacation time we went a couple fun places as a family!
Good times park in Eagan... such a fun place! Lots to do, and a great way to run the kids out of energy!

We also went to open toddler time at Gleason's gym.... a gymnastics area with a foam pit, trampolines, bouncy floor, and lots to climb on! We will be going back here again soon I think!

We spent some time with good friends too this month! Reconnecting with those we haven't seen in a while, and wow it was nice!

How we miss the Kerns! Our kids play so well together! So do the adults!

The boys got to meet Baby Bodhi.... our great friends Dustin and Elizabeth's new baby! They LOVED having a baby around... it was so sweet to see them give kisses, and want to hold him....
I know I know.... but no thoughts of more Dvorak babies.... at least not yet!

The Edlunds are a family we try to see often but not often enough. They have triplet girls, so it has been fun raising our kiddos side by side.
Not only did the kids have a play date (we could run our own preschool)
But the parents got to go out (SANS KIDS) for the first time since they have been born!!! It only took 2.5 years. It was a great night of food and libations... and of course conversation sharing in the similarities of raising triplets, but the differences of raising girls vs. boys. FASCINATING!

We gathered with my side of the family to celebrate my sister Steph's birthday! Always chaotic but fun when we ALL get together.

Any finally, the end of January we celebrate our wedding Anniversary. We celebrated 6 years this year. We spent the day with the boys- climbing giant mounds of snow (snow mountains) at the St. Paul Winter snow sculptures, lunch at Snuffys, a target run, then home for some rest. 

Dave and I got to go out to Manny's steak house for dinner that night! Delicious... We felt a little weird not being at 112 Eatery (our anniversary hotspot), but Manny's was amazing!