Thursday, June 20, 2013

First night home with 2 of 3

Well.... We got to bring our tiny twosome home yesterday. Nolan and Graham passed all their tests! Henry is rescheduled for Friday so hopefully we will all be home by then!

We packed up the boys and went through all the discharge procedures.... Signing papers, going over fortifying milk to make it 22 calories....emptying all their drawers of combs, diapers, lotion, tiny blood pressure cuffs, load them in their carseats and head out!

We got home just in time for their feeding and changing routine. The boys are on a 3 hour schedule, so every three hours we wake to feed, change their diapers, snuggle for a bit, then back to bed.

Our first night went pretty well... The boys cooperated very well and we were able to get 2 hour increments of sleep for the most part.

Of course as first time parents we slept with the light on with the boys in their rock and plays at our bedside... Making sure they were breathing ok. I woke with every squeak and stir from them, but feeling a bit tired from that, and knowing they did so well, I got a bit more sleep with each passing hour.

Today we are just having low key day and sticking to our routine.... Which will not last too long because they have their first dr. Appointments tomorrow, as well as hopefully picking up their "big" brother.

We are so thrilled Nolan and Graham are home and doing so well, so far... Now, we just have to figure out how to add a third little monkey to the mix... ;-)

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