Tuesday, February 4, 2014

8 month update!

How old? 8 months

Our weights: Estimates:  Henry-18  Nolan- 16 Graham-16.5
We are wearing mostly all 9 month clothes... Henry is on the verge of 12 month clothes... can it be!??!?

Our sleeping patterns?  Morning naps around 9am. Afternoon naps around 1:30pm. One nap is usually longer than the other.. but each day it varies what nap that is with each baby... Lately they have been napping at different times... so there is usually always one baby awake... (not a fan...)

Night time:
 Nolan sleeps in the crib and is a belly sleeper. He usually sleeps through the night, but will have the occasional wake up around 3am...

Henry is hard to get down (he is up and down for a good 4 times before he is down for the night). He sleeps through the night with the occasional bottle at 4am, then sleeps till 7)

Graham is hit or miss.. he either falls asleep well or fights it to the core... once he is finally down he sleeps through the night unless woken up by Nolan. 
regardless we are moving in the right direction I think.

Our eating Schedule:
breakfast is at 7ish every morning... fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, puffs
6 ounce bottles for N and H before nap around 9 (G doesnt want one till post nap)
We are on the verge of doing real food for lunch... but for now another 6 ounces around 1:00
small 4 ounce before dinner at 4PM
dinner at 5pm and final bottle before bed around 7.

Our favorite foods? Yogurt melts, peanut butter toast, sweet potatoes, yogurt, any new foods they are trying... (pasta, chunks of carrots, mum crackers, a few bites of pudding)

Our likes? laughing at each other, jumping (on laps, in the johnny jump up, in the exersaucer), eating, snuggle time, daddy's hat, ceiling fan.

H: peek a boo, eating food off tray, funny mouth noises, TV, snuggles with mommy.
N: jumping, peek a boo, chewing on anything, rolling, bath time, talking, patty cake.
G: eating, making noises, laughing at brothers, peek a boo, jumping, looking out the window, social butterfly!

Our dislikes? waiting to eat, some nights the bedtime process, being recipients of toy stealing, G doesn't like taking Tylenol for teething.

Our favorite games/toys? clapping, an activity cube, johnny jump up, rubber bracelets to chew on, Sophie the giraffe, peek a boo, where's daddy game, flirting with friends and visitors. 

Our milestones?
Henry- No teeth yet, but lots of drool. Picking food up from his tray and eating it.  Henry eats almost everything we try out on them.   He is sleeping better through the night, a lot more hair. Almost in 12 month clothes, big boy bath seat, when he topples over from sitting, he can recover quite nicely... still hates tummy time.. so no crawling yet. 

Nolan- has 2 teeth! his two bottom teeth have poked through! He eats everything you put in front of him. He has no problem with new foods.. he is game on! Almost grasped the concept of picking up food and bringing to his mouth. Nolan sleeps in the crib now. He is a tummy sleeper, and sleeps pretty well through the night.  BIg boy bath seat, but slides a bit still. 

Graham- No teeth yet either, I think it might be a while still... although he has been a bit more fussy lately... so It could be coming.... Graham is a great eater when it comes to purees, when it comes to new foods, or new textures he is a bit sensitive. He has learned to shake his head no no no.... although it may be just because he likes the sensation of the movement.... he stands so well, so he may move right to walking... no picking up food yet, but if you put a cracker in his hand, he will eat that pretty well. When in the highchair, Graham MMM  MMM MMMM's between each bite... you cant feed him fast enough. He Loves his brothers... interacting is so fun to see with him. 

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile? Recognizing and smiling at each other, watching them learn and laugh, and play. Henry has a great smile that lights his face up, Nolan has a great belly laugh, and Graham makes the funniest faces around the clock! their personalities are really coming out now, they are so fun, and not so fragile and tiny tiny babies, so playing is starting to be really fun!

The time is flying, but we are enjoying the interactions with each of our little dudes... We are surrounded by so many people that just have fallen in love with these three boys... we continue to be so thankful for all the help and support from everyone!


Our monthly photo shoot.

 The many faces of Henry...

 The Many faces of Nolan...

 And... Graham...

Window watching with Bosley!