Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A busy day today

We had quite the day today!
It was bath day for all the boys... Which takes a lot out of them and mommy.... But needless to say, they are so fresh and so clean! I just love that clean baby smell! I just wanna bottle it and bring it home with me!

Graham had already had his bath by the time I got there today, so I just had Henry and Nolan to do.

After a great visiting session with a life long family friend, Joyce.... And a great lunch with an expected mom of triplet girls.... It was back to the schedule of the boys.

By schedule I mean:
Every hour they rotate an hour of cares for the boys....
An hour of cares consists of, temperature, new diaper, blood pressure, measure abdomen, check stats, feed, and bath if it is a bath day (every 4 days).
Dave and I usually do temp, diaper, feed, and bath, if we are there!

I usually arrive around the noon hour.
Graham is at noon
Henry is at 1
Nolan is at 2
Graham is at 3
Henry is at 4
Nolan is at 5..... And so on.
Since we are more hands on with them now, we stick to schedule and keep rotating throughout the day. ( this schedule will get closer together so it will be easier to adapt when they come home)

Obviously just because we are there doesn't mean we HAVE to do hour of cares.... One of our primary nurses said to us " you know, we are here and are getting paid to do this, so if you wanna take a break, and rest, eat, sleep.... We are here and happy to do it!"

I needed to hear this because at first, I was there and wanted to soak up as much time with them as I could.... But I was forgetting to pump, eat, rest, etc..... So I needed the reminder.... Because once they come home.... We are game on!!!!

The boys are also starting to bottle feed.... ( they have to take all their feedings like this, or breast feed before they can go home)
They were introduced to bottles last night.... And I got to do some today with them.... And let me just say, as 1 week 3 day old preemies.... They are rocking that bottle!!!! They have to learn the suck, swallow, breath method
(which is a lot for a preemie- usually mastered around 34/35 week gestation)
If they can finish their bottles- awesome
If they just quite can't finish because they are tuckered out.... They just put the remainder in their feeding tubes, which is happening less and less!

Nolan bottle feeding!

I am such a proud mama!
Also.... When I bathed Henry and Nolan today.... Neither cried for me... They just sat back and enjoyed every moment!

A busy but great day for all involved!

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