Thursday, June 27, 2013

Busy busy busy...but loving it

Well we are all home now.
Henry joined us last Friday after successfully passing his carseat test.

It has been quite the journey to be home with our three boys but I think we have falling into a good routine.
The boys are eating about every 3-4 hours which at times can be a bit of challenge (around the 2am mark), but we have a good system of Henry eating first, because he is our time keeper.... Keeping us on a regular schedule, usually Graham is second, because he tends to start to squawk if we wait too long, and Nolan takes up the rear, our patient little guy.
We have had some visitors, and great dinners delivered to our house through our meal train website,
That has been so helpful....
The boys have all had their first doctor appointment, and we go back again on Friday for another check up with all three to check weight gain, I believe.
If they continue to eat like they are, I don't think we should see any issues!
We are in the mode of taking things one day at a time. Dave goes back to work on Monday, which will be different, but I have some helpers l,inked up to come throughout the month to help.... Phew!
Although I have done a feeding or two by myself... I am grateful for that extra set of hands when available!

Henry, Nolan, and Graham
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  1. You are a rockstar! (and so are they!). I'm hoping to come visit again soon.