Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Severs Corn Maze

We ventured out again! They are at such a fun age of discovering and playing out their curiosities... we love to watch it all unfold.
This last weekend, Dave and I took the boys to Sever's corn maze down in Shakopee. We met our friends Katie and Ryan, with their son Liam (who came to the orchard with us last week).
We couldn't believe how hot it was that weekend! I mean dont get me wrong it was nice, but with such sun exposure on our Scandinavian sons.... I was a bit nervous... let alone.... pulling the triplet choo choo, and loading and unloading, and chasing three around the park made for one hot and sweaty parents after a few hours.

We got there a little after 1:30 and headed straight for the food area. Dave wanted a walking taco but the line just was not moving... so he opted for a hamburger, hotdog, and fries to share. I had an ear of roasted corn (state fair's is better). The boys of course ate whatever we handed to them and loved all the people watching.

We met up with Katie, Ryan, and Liam at the corn pit. We thought this was going to be a HUGE hit  since they love their sandbox...... I was so wrong... sensory overload.... none of them liked it! NONE! We tried to ease them into it... but they wanted nothing to do with touching the corn, which is a bummer because it was so shady and cool..... little 6 month old Liam LOVED it....
Oh well... hoping next year will go better!

Godmother Kate  with Nolan

We then headed to the animals... and walked around looking at all the goats, cows, kangaroos, warthogs, lemurs, and ostriches! the boys were pointing and loving all the commotion! 

We let the boys out to run around and burn some energy off before heading to the pumpkin patch for some pictures. Then it was time to head home... thinking the boys would nap on our decent car ride home... only Henry really napped... but they held it together pretty well that night for dinner, baths, and bedtime routine.

We just bought tickets to go to the corn maze in Champlin now... so we just have to find some time in our upcoming busy weekend schedule!
These times as a family are precious... and I cherished every moment of it... These are the memories/traditions I have been waiting to experience with our boys!

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