Monday, October 20, 2014

Twin cities corn maze

Apparently this is the year of fall family outings! We went to twin cities corn maze in Champlain last weekend. 
The weather was beautiful, so after I got home from church, we packed the boys up and away we went. Once we got there, and paid with our half price tickets ( thank you Nicole Guimont for the code), we were in, after a few stops in line of course from the basic comments and whispers/points. 
When we did arrive we noticed the wind was really strong.... I started to feel a little guilt that the boys were not in their jackets... But onesies and long sleeve button ups.... But we pressed on thinking the sun would shine down and warm us up....
We did a loop looking at the animals- this time Graham was not about it... So we didn't last long in the tent (it was also packed in there so maneuvering through crowds with the choo choo wagon was quite difficult)

We sat and listened to the live music while Dave went and bought a couple tickets for the boys to jump in this little toddler blow up area. 

Henry loved it...

Nolan was head over heels for it!

Graham was a bit uncertain...

Grandpa Dave and grandma Lynda met us there... We started to wait in line for a hayride but it was just too cold and windy in the shade of the corn so we decided against it. We got some funnel cakes, French fries and burgers and snacked on those before my mama guilt really set in with the weather and we had to leave because it was just too cold... (I always have hoodies in the car for all now)

We only were there a couple hours... But I assume in the years to come we will make up that time! We are still glad we went! The boys Love to people watch... 

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