Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Minnesota Zoo

A couple of weekends ago Dave and I wanted to cash in the Minnesota zoo tickets the boys got for their birthday (thank you Imbodens)

So Saturday morning after a great family breakfast, we got everyone ready and were out the door for the drive to Eagan. 
We got to the Zoo around 10am, and pulled the boys around in the choo choo wagon ( it's the only way we can really go places....) 
The pointing, staring, whispering, and people approaching us starting immediately in the parking lot and proceeded throughout the entire day... ( we should have charged admission for as much attention as we got that day). After a quick look at the monkeys (and running into an old friend and her son)....
We headed toward the conservatory first to walk the path and see the animals. 

The path was a bit crowded so we didn't stop much... But the boys loved the look and all the busyness regardless. 
We headed into the aquarium underwater area... Where they feeding show had just begun. We took the boys out to watch up against the glass.... They LOVED IT! 
We then headed to the MN trail and saw the turkey's, racoons, bald eagle, just to name a few...... 
The boys did great... Pointing and watching the animals! 
A little run around time on the turkey deck! 

We even stopped and got a family photo by the fire place! 

We stopped and had lunch in their cafeteria. We brought a couple snacks but bought fries and hotdog for the boys to eat! Again they did so well! We got there just before it got busy... Everyone starting filling in around us, not eating their food, but just watched us eat ours! Lol

We packed up, gave out the three high chairs to surrounding families in need, and we were off once again! 
We ended with a trip to the sharks and under water animals. 
This was not as fun since it is more interactive and the boys are a bit too young still, but some new things to look at regardless! 
(Someone was taking a picture of me, taking this picture)

We decided it was time to head home around 12:45 (not bad for our first visit!)
We got some family pics of us taken outside before we headed to our car. 

I think we will be buying a membership soon. Lots to do.... Inside and outside... I just wish it was a bit closer.... ;-) 

Another successful Dvorak family outing in the books!! 

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