Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Orchard Adventure!

Last Friday, my sister Taylor, her friend Laura, and I took the boys to te Pine Tree Apple orchard! It was a bit overcast so we were worried about weather but I decided we might as well try.... Why not! It will be an adventure rain or shine!so e packed the boys up and off we went! 
My best friend Katie and her little guy Liam joined us which was so much fun! 
There was so much room to run and just be outside and explore.

Not a lot of kids there for a Friday afternoon which was nice.... But a good amount of assisted living residents filled the place after a while! 
They loved seeing our three little guys running around and shared their thoughts and opinions on our triplets. (Can't escape the fun comments and questions... Part of the role as mom of multiples!) 

Tons of pictures! 
Looks like and album cover huh?! 

We went on a tractor ride! Graham loved the tractor wheels! Nolan was pointing at all the apple trees says "wha sat?" Henry loved all the bumps and turns! 

Friends since second grade where we would play with dolls and dreamed of this day; taking our own kids out on fun adventures together! 

Thankful for helpers!!!

Classy Henry....

That face! 

Our little model!

Happy blue eyes! 

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