Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween this year was so fun! We got the boys all dressed up as little monkeys and headed to my sisters for some trick or treating.

I had put the boys in their costumes a few times earlier in the week so they could get used to them... and surprisingly, they loved being in them! No problems!

Before we went to my sisters, we headed over to our photographers house who took my maternity and new born shots.... he wanted to get some of the boys and our family now that they are older...
They did so well and we got some amazing shots.... we will probably use them as our Christmas card photos... stay tuned...

Anyway, we headed to my sisters house in Robbinsdale, fed the boys, and got them in their costumes and in their choo choo train. My 3 sisters, our niece Ally, and the boys headed out, while Dave, and my parents stayed behind to hand out candy.

The boys just sat, enjoyed all the chaos around them, while I fed them M&M's here and there. Their picture was taken about 8 times by other trick or treaters (or their parents).... but we are used to that by now.

The boys got quite a haul of candy!!! We couldnt believe how generous people were!

We made it back in time, to get into jammies, have our bedtime bottle, pack up the car and head home.
It was a successful Halloween... and I cant wait till next year when they will be more into it!

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