Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What have we been up to lately

We have been up to lots lately so I thought since I have been pretty good at taking pictures I would share our fun adventures this past week.

One of the first times we dressed the boys in their matching Jammie's..... Pretty cute if you ask me!

On July 21st, Graham and I went to see off the Zion youth as they headed to South Dakota for their mission trip. I was 4:45am but we were up anyway for early breakfast! ;-)

Dave and I, with our friends, the Kerns, went on our first walk! It was quite the site, 5 kids, 2 dogs, 4 adults! Does that constitute it as a parade?

Graham and I headed to the doctor for A weight check. I was getting nervous because Graham was spacing out his feedings more sleeping lots, and not finishing bottles. Of course the day of his appointment he started to take bottles like a champ.... He weighed 7.5 lbs and doing fine. Oh first time mom moments...

Dave's birthday was July 25th, we took that as a perfect opportunity for a first date night out! We headed to Texas Roadhouse for amazing steak while the babies were well taken care of by Katie and her parents.

We had a great time knowing the babies were in good hands!

On Friday July 26th, an expecting triplet mom Michelle and her husband Matt came over. They brought us dinner and wanted to see what their future soon will look like. They are having three girls so there will be some differences, but three babies none the less. They were naturals.... They changed diapers, dressed them in Jammie's, fed them.... I am so excited to meet our boy's future wives.

Cute picture of our boys in their outfits with cute pants....
Dave and I had another date on Saturday the 27th... We got to go to baconfest. The Lowry and the other blue plate restaurants had booths featuring bacon dishes. We got to sample them and vote for our favorite! Dave loved the jalapeƱo wiener pop wrapped in bacon. I loved the pork belly tater tot with baconaise sauce. We had a great time despite the rain!

We are grateful we have been able to get out as much as we have... Being parents of triplets. We Couldn't do it without supportive and trusting family and friends who love our boys so much!

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  1. Love this! So happy you guys have gotten out for little breaks. I feel bad I haven't seen you and the boys in almost a month now. Where does the time go?! I need to plan something soon.