Sunday, July 28, 2013

Babies galore

So I have been meaning to post about this for sometime now but of course life with triplets just passes so quickly! Since they are all quietly sleeping I will get a quick post in.

A week ago I hosted a gathering with two of the moms I met when The boys were in the special care nursery. Jen was there with her twin boys, Landon, and Grady, and Katie was there with her little girl Maddie.
Days can get pretty long when you are in the routine of feeding, changing, and sleeping babies. Although the nurses are great to converse with, it was great to have other moms who were on the same page as you.

Jen, Katie and I would sometimes grab lunch down in the cafeteria to take a baby break. It was fun to hear their birth stories and similar challenges with all our preemies.

We have remained in touch, and I had them over for a late morning gathering.... If you have been doing the math in your head, that is 6 babies... I have 3, Jen with 2, and Katie with 1. It was quite the site.
Some of our neighbors even commented later that they saw ladies coming over with babies... And they couldn't believe the site since they knew this house was so full of them all ready! Lol

We shared stories of discharging our babies, and first time mom concerns.... When a baby cried, no matter whose it was, one of us who had a free hand would pick them up to console or feed.
It is so reassuring to have other moms of preemies going through some of the same things.... We can bounce ideas off each other and feel a sense of relief.

We plan to do another 'play date' sometime this next week.

We got a group shot of the babies... And then one including the moms.

Can your pick out the triplets?

So thankful for these mamas!

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