Friday, July 19, 2013

Due date

Today marks my due date.... So the boys are technically "full term" today.... But instead of still being pregnant and being miserable and overdue, waiting to go into labor or a date to be induced..... I am enjoying the day with my 7 week old baby boys.
It is crazy to think of our life before them. Even from the days we were in the hospital with them to now, they have changed so much... Looks, weight, and development.
Yes their weights are around what full term babies would be, but we are right on track... They are eating very well and gaining weights light champs.
Henry- 7 lbs 8oz

Nolan- 6lbs 9oz

Graham- 6lbs 4oz

They are eating every three hours during the day and them about every 4-4.5 hours at night, which mom and dad appreciate...hopefully it stays that way!
We have fun seeing people as they come to visit... A few times we have ventured out...

My dad's cousin Sue came to help feed!

A couple of the staff members from church love when I bring a baby in to visit.

Mary, Ann, and Anne, all triplet moms came to meet the boys, bring me dinner, and help with a feeding!

Grandma Vicki reading books to Henry.

Grandma Lynda came to snuggle and feed.

I love making these collages of the boys....

Snuggle time... Two at a time. Henry and Nolan.
They will have their 2 month check up in a couple weeks so I will have more details on each baby then.... But just know we are doing very well and falling into a pretty good routine... Never taking advantage of the help being offered! We are grateful!
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