Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2 months old!

Time for another monthly update

How old? 2 months

Our weights: H: 9.13 N: 8.9 G: 8.1
They have all stayed consistent with Henry being the heaviest and Graham being the smallest, and Nolan staying in the middle. Graham is the only one left in newborn clothes but we are close to retiring that collection soon.

Our sleeping patterns? About 3-4 hours before we need to eat again. Nolan is starting to sleep longer stretches at night, but he is going through a growth spurt so he doesn't want to miss a meal. Henry usually wakes first to eat, but lately they are all taking turns of who wakes first.

Our eating schedule? Every 3-4 hours we get fussy and want to eat... But with growth spurts happening it can be every 2.5 hours sometimes. With just me it takes about an hour 15 to feed all three, but with 2-3 people, about 30 minutes. Nolan is our strong eater, Henry can be a bit pokey, and graham will be a good eater when he wants to be.

Our favorite foods? Neo sure 22 calorie formula.

Our likes? Being held, swing and mamaroo, looking out the window, riding in the car, our pacifiers.

Our dislikes? Gassy bellies, shots, being changed every now and again.

Our favorite games/toys? Swings and bouncers. We like movement and being upright.

Our milestones? We are beginning to track with our eyes hold our heads up longer, smiling at people.

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile? The cute faces we make, noises, cute outfits, and letting us get some sleep :)

Our pictures

2 month appointment- shots and all.

Diane, grandma Vicki, and Sue at cousin Ally's 2nd birthday

Could their little butts be any cuter?!

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