Sunday, May 5, 2013

Church shower recap

I finally got a bunch of pictures from our church shower, that took place back on April 14th. I didn't want to post on it until I had some great pictures to show off!

Three women from church took charge to host a baby shower for me and Dave, and the trio of course! It was open to the whole congregation (2,500 people).... so you can imagine, as an open house shower, how tough this could be to plan!

The "theme" was ' She is going to POP'. So for food they had, lollipops, rice krispie bars (snap, crackle, POP), popcorn, bubblegum, cake pops, and cupcakes of course, because I sure do LOVE my cupcakes!

They had such cute decorations with fun balloons (which also said happy birthday, since they day of my shower I turned 29).

What I loved was the variety of people that came... high school youth, young families, the older generations of the church.... such a fun loving and supportive group of people!
Dave and I basically were stationed, and didn't move the whole shower... people came to us to chat, get a baby update, and get to know Dave more- oh the ladies loved him!

As for gifts, since it was such a large group of people, they made it a gift card shower. They had a box out all week and at the shower for people to drop their cards in....
HOLY SMOKES... we were blown away with the generous congregation members..... gift cards from Target, Babies R US, Costco, Kohls, Applebee's, Walmart.... the list goes on!
They have been such a HUGE help already as we prepare for the babies.... and we can use them as we need them.

Some people did bring some gifts, so we wrapped up the shower by opening the gifts.... homemade quilts, cute clothes, storage bins, diapers! We were overcome with gratitude!

I am so blessed to be called to serve as Pastor at Zion Lutheran.... to a congregation that is so caring and constantly offering their support and help!  I cant wait till our boys can meet these great people and grow up in this community of genuine care!

Enjoy the pictures!

Rice krispie babies! THANKS PAM!

Table set up

Only 1 table of 3 of treats!

Cake pops!

My cute corsage made from a rattle, socks, and pacifier

Rice Krispie baby!

lollipop display!

card, gift table

Lots of people!

Proud Parents!

Gift Opening!

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