Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Update- 32 weeks!

How far along? 32 weeks 2 days

Sleep? I have figured out that if I am in the recliner during the day, I appreciate our bed and our 12 pillows a lot more.

Maternity Clothes? More just cozy clothes now...  

 Best Moment this week?  
Although I ended up in the hospital from Thursday-Sunday for monitoring, the boys did really well and passed all the non-stress-tests beautifully.  (I will blog about the hospital experience soon)
We are happy we have made it this far! Only about 12 days to go! We are so excited to meet these little guys

Miss Anything? Even though it was only for 3 days... I really missed the comfort of our home... and our puppy Bosley...and Dave too of course... but I am home now and it feels wonderful!

Movement? Especially when I drink orange juice! 

Size of the Babies? Honey dew
This last Thursday at the growth ultrasound:
A- 4 lbs
B- 3 lbs 3 oz
C- 3 lbs 7 oz
My belly was measured around... 52 inches

Food Cravings? Sweets... but I am just eating whenever I feel hungry.

Morning Sickness? I had some nausea this last week, but thank goodness it did not stick around!

Gender?  Three little BOYS! 

Bed Rest? Still not officially... but modified... resting up!

Limitations? Pretty much everything these days.. except eating, drinking water, and resting.

 Weight Gain? I am maintaining weight... but we are so close, it is not about weight gain anymore but more safety of the babies.

Pregnancy Symptoms? This dang heartburn.

Belly Button In or Out? still in......

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Depends on the humidity of the day.

Looking Forward To?
 We have a maternity photo shoot tomorrow. It will be fun to document our family of 2 (3 with Bosley)... and with my belly... and then in just a few short weeks go back and take pictures of our new family of 5 (6 with Bos)

I also now am going to the doctor for monitoring twice a week now... so that will help ease my curiosity of how our little guys are thriving. 

What Dave is saying....  Glad to have you home!!!
Glad the babies are happy and healthy!
(One of the nights I was in the hospital, Dave came home after visiting me and put together the remainder of the rock and plays, swings, and bouncy seats!)

I preview from our maternity shoot


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  1. Oh, Mollie!! I'm getting so so excited for you. I can't believe you're going to go from a family of TWO to a family of FIVE. Your house is going to be FILLED with love.

    I'd really love to visit you, but I know how things are with a newborn, definitely do NOT know how things will be as 3 newborn household. :)

    Would you mind sharing your address with me? I'll settle for sending you something and maybe later this Summer, my little one & I could come visit you. :)