Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dave's diaper keg/man shower

Dave had a fabulous diaper keg yesterday! We were a little concerned with the weather... since on Monday it was a blizzard of a snow storm.... yet... yesterday.... the day of the man shower.... 73 and plenty of sunshine!

There were a total of around 35 guys that showed up..... ranging from work friends, family, a few dads from my church, some of our mutual guy friends.... it was a hit!

Dave did a great job at prepping for most of it! His dad came over and smoked pulled pork, ribs, and hotdogs. Dave picked up the 16 gallon keg ( bring a pack of diapers, get a cup for the keg).
I made a few dips and salad... but Dave pretty much set it all up! He even had a jag/bomber shot station!

People came throughout the day, starting at 1pm and ending sometime around 10:30.... the keg was cashed by about 8:30!

Lawn games were were played, cigars were lit....a true guy bash! (ok ok..... a few girls showed up... spouses and my sister to say hi to me and join in a bit... but all in all.... it was true MAN shower!)

Here are a few pictures from the day!

bags and beer!

apparently the theme of the day was blue shirts!
Neal, Dave, and Michael

Dave and Michael having a bottle of beer chugging contest!

Two sets out of three of our Godparents!
Marina and Michael-  Ryan and Katie! 
Dear friends!

such a beautiful day!

All the diapers Dave collected at his diaper keg!

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