Sunday, April 7, 2013

A busy week and weekend!

It was a busy week! We had a lot going on under the theme of baby!

On Thursday, two dear ladies who I have known for many years offered to come over to our house and organize all our baby stuff...
as you can remember, this is what our basement looked like after 4 baby showers...

It was chaos!

Joyce and Cindy are master organizers... so I felt completely comfortable to have them come in and take charge of this matter... especially when I shouldn't be bending, turning, and going up and down stairs too much.
The incredible Joyce and Cindy!!!!!

So after about 3 and a half hours of laundry and organizing baby shower bags, linen closet shelves, and garbage and recycling... this is now what our house looks like when it comes to baby stuff...

Our changing table, dresser filled with washed clothes!
(basket- filled with infant toys)

Clean clothes organized by size!

Cribs... mattresses... clean sheets... and car seats!

The beginning of our diaper and wipes stash... much more to come I am sure! ;)

I am so grateful for all the help people are offering, whether it be coming over to organize, offering to baby sit, clean our house,  or make us a meal! Other moms are also offering up their gently used items such as clothes, swings, mattresses...etc... We couldn't do it without the love of our family and friends! We are so overwhelmed with thanks!

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