Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our first hospital visit...

Well, it happened... We had to make a trip into the new Mommy-Baby center at Abbott last week.

It all started last Thursday, April 18th. I had come home from taking some of my youth to Luther Seminary for a high school previews day. Of course, it started snowing TERRIBLY that day around noon that day... so it made for an interesting drive home.
I made it home safe and around 2:45... and went right to bed to lay down and keep my feet up- a common practice after a work day these days. (especially after a Wednesday night of work at church too!)

I had started getting some abdominal cramping around 1:00 that day, that spread around to my back... and by 5pm it was not getting any better. I finally called the nurse line, just to check in... better safe then sorry. After describing my symptoms to the doctor he suggested that I come in to get checked.
Dave had just returned home from work... and a 2.5 hour commute home in this terrible weather. I felt kind of bad that we had to trek out in the snow again....

We hopped in the car, and to top it all off, I couldn't find my wristlet... the thing I carry all my cards and valuables in! I PANICKED!
We started checking the house, and calling around at all the places I had been the last day and a half.
Long story short, after driving to church to check, and a few phone calls... I discovered I left it at Petsmart when I picked Bosley up from his hair cut....
PS... here is his new do!
We love our puppy Bosley!

ANYWAY... we made it to the hospital around 7:15pm in the terrible blizzard... on April 18th. They have  a smooth system of checking in and getting me into a maternal assessment room very quickly! I did have to sign a lot of papers... a set for each baby! WOW! 
They hooked me up to monitors to find each babies heartbeat to make sure they were not under any stress (they had to bring in a second machine, because 1 machine can only monitor 2 babies at a time)

Plus they added another monitor to see how often I was contracting. It took a few nurses to not only find all three heartbeats but to maintain them... because they were moving all over the place! (more specifically, stubborn baby B)

All the monitors and their contraptions to stay on all three heartbeats!!!!

The doctor finally came in and checked me over... and said that I was contracting every 2 minutes, but not strong enough to "progress"or have anything change drastically.  GOOD NEWS!!

We finally were sent home at 10:15 with the instructions to cut back in work hours.. and to be off my feet more than I am on my feet.... I am entering the window where these little guys could come at anytime... so I need to do as much as I can to keep them in there, and keep the stress on my body LOW!

So a bit of a life style change will be happening... but it is for the benefit of our boys... which is totally worth it! So here we go! No official bed rest yet... but moving in that direction! I want to stay out of the hospital!

Dave and I stopped at Perkins on the way home because we were so hungry with no dinner! We were the only ones in Perkins... where they were waiting on their cook to show up... so our server actually cooked our tremendous 12.... VERY TASTY!

It was quite a day! 

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  1. Oh man, that stuff always happens in bad weather, I swear. I fell on the ice while pregnant with Azalea and we attempted to get to the hospital during a storm, but we ended up coming back home because it was so bad! Glad you and babies are ok. Azalea and I will come visit soon!