Saturday, March 9, 2013

The First baby shower!

I had my first baby shower today! This shower was hosted by my three dearest college girlfriends, Dana, Emiley, and Anni. They did such a great job! Amazing food, cute decorations, and a low key, enjoyable time!

This shower consisted of a few friends from college, my friend Jillian and her daughter Ava came! It was fun having a little 2 year old running around... such great entertainment. Our college friend Zeb came all the way from Mankato! Made my day!
The rest of the guests consisted of Emiley and Dana's moms, and three ladies I have gotten to know the past year and a half... 3 other church youth workers from around the Anoka area. Jenna, Elise, and Ashley! It was a great group today!

Everyone wrote down pieces of advice as I become a mom... let alone a mom of triplets.
Some of the advice included-
Kids are messy
pick your battles
remember, they are a gift from God
sleep often now
take lots of pictures
but the most common one was to have date nights with Dave... (we plan to!!!!)

We had some tasty quiche, fruit skewers, coffee cake, and BLUE punch for food.
Here are some pics from the day!

The baby Einstein jumper! AMAZING bow for decoration!

A wall hanging hand made by Elise to hang in the nursery!

Of course cute outfits! Thanks Deb!

Sue and Dana- mother daughter- 2 amazing hostesses

Blue Punch!

Zeb! The token male at the shower!

This is how they "wrapped" the crib- yes those are my three faces... lol clever!

Table of baby pics- the triplets, mine (right), and Dave with his great grandma

Cute Vikings gift! These boys are ready for the season!

Dana, Anni, and Emiley- incredible friends, amazing hostesses!

Feeling so blessed after today!

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