Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baby Shower 4- family shower!

My final shower in the last 2 weeks was hosted by my 3 sisters, Steph, Taylor, and Casey today, on St. Patty's day!

This shower consisted of some family members, mother in law, Dave's aunt Connie and close friends who we consider family!

Food: this was the shower where I put in a few requests.... we had a veggie pizza, fruit pizza, a strawberry/tomato bruschetta, and brownies.... So tasty! They did a great job!

Games we played:
1. We had to name the baby animal .... for instance.... Dog.... Puppy, or Elephant.... Calf.... A fun game!

2. We had one minute to write down all the titles of songs with the word BABY in it...
my list consisted of : Baby got back, Baby Baluga, HIt me baby one more time, Rock a by baby.... etc

3. 10 pictures were passed around of famous people as children... This was a tough game... 
Some of the famous people were- Julia Roberts, Tiger Woods, Jackie Kennedy, Katie Holmes, Judy Garland, and Madonna. 

Here are some of the fun pictures from the shower!

Sara, Taylor, Nora, and Casey... all in green for the day! Thanks for all your help today!

Steph and baby Ally!

The group!

present opening...

and awesome bath gift set!

Such cute outfits from Auntie Steph!

we got our 2 rock and plays... the new big thing....

This is now our basement... we have some organizing to do!

I can't express the gratefulness Dave and I have for all our family and friends! 

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