Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baby Shower 3- friends shower

So this was my final weekend of double showers!

On Saturday, my friends, Marina and Kristin hosted a shower with all my dear girlfriends.... this group of women was made up of friends from all stages of my life.... high school, church, college, seminary, family... a wide variety!

The theme for the shower was safari themed. Cute animal decorations, adorable invitation, and wonderful food! Lots of salads- fruit, veggie, pasta, spinach, cous cous.... and to top it all off... an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and some delicious brownies!

Games we played:
1. Marina and Kristin bought a lot of the "little things" off our registry and placed them on a table. We had 1 minute to memorize as much as we could on the table, and then had one minute to write down what we could remember! This was a lot harder then we all anticipated!

2.We played price is right game with some of the items on the table... who ever guessed the closest got the point.... again difficult, but fun!

3. The girls were all given string at the length they wished... some assumed it was to measure my belly.
When it came time for this game... each of the girls had to talk about how they know me and share stories for as long as it took to wrap the length of their string around their finger.... CLEVER!

We had fun opening gifts and enjoying each other's company!
So fun to have some of my closest friends all in one room to celebrate these boys!

Here are some fun pics from the day!

Amber and Ashley- Friends from church and high school... Ashley is due with a little boy in April!

Cute bibs!

Group Shot!

Melissa, Em, and Marina... dear fiends from high school.
Marina is due with a baby in April!

My sisters and mom...
Steph, mom-Vicki, Taylor, and Casey

How the guys decided to bring gifts out to the car... through the window... to save time!

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  1. Haha love the passing through the window. It was SO fun to celebrate with you!! :)