Monday, March 11, 2013

Baby Shower- pea in a pod theme!

I had another shower on Sunday, hosted by my mom's church friends- Grace circle! 
These are women who are close dear friends of my moms... but also all have daughters who are around my age who I am dear friends with! This is a group of women who LOVE to get together and celebrate life! 

The moms!

The daughters

The theme for this shower was three peas in a pod.... it was all so cute how everything was themed down to a T!
The beautiful set table! - AMAZING food!

Cute little favors for the girls to take home!

We played two games
1- We smelled 12 different baby foods and guessed what they were.... I only got half right. There are some crazy flavors out there! I will be interested to see what these boys take to, and which they dislike...

Addison, Amber, and Ashley making their best guess!

2. All the ladies measured out a length a string to see how big I was around.... we had some good laughs to what size people think I was.... Sue Long was within an INCH.... and Ashley- who is also pregnant and due in a month- measured her belly and added an inch or two- and she too was really close! I was so impressed!

We had a great time sharing stories and talking about our upcoming lifestyle with triplets as we opened gifts!
With each shower I have, I feel less and less anxious about these boys making an appearance... we are really becoming prepared... but yet again, how prepared can you really be for parenthood? :)

Sippy cups!

High chair that attaches to our chairs... space savers!

Diapers, wipes, and changing pad! So practical! Love it!

"Mommy's major hunk"

Cute monkey outfits! 
our boys are going to be dressed well!

Pack and play!! Elephant themed! :)

It was such a fun blessed day! Thank you to Grace Circle and their daughters for your love and support!

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