Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Northside M.O.Ms group

On the first Thursday of every month, a group of moms meet. This is no ordinary group of moms... but mothers of multiples. This organization has groups all over the United states... a great resource for those who are parents of multiples... twins, triplets, quads, even quints in some cases!

When I last posted on the triplet dinner I attended back in January, they introduced me to the Northside M.O.MS group.

I attended my first meeting last Thursday. It was great to see some familiar faces from the triplet mom dinner, but also to see so many new moms that are all from the same general location! I was the only pregnant one there, but it was so fun to hear the stories and questions circulating around the room. Everyone had such great advice but also related to one another in a way I have never seen! There are committees to join and many events they plan throughout the year- including a summer picnic, a supersale in March, and a parents night out. Great community!

A woman named Angel came to our meeting to talk about the Minnesota Mothers of Multiples state workshop. This takes place every year, and this year it is hosted in Minneapolis!
What goes on at these workshops?
  • Keynote speakers
  • large table raffles
  • spa room
  • breakout sessions
  • caricatures
  • costume contest (this year's theme is heroines)
  • DJ and Karaoke
  • Book exchange (for kids books and adults)
And so much more!!!  A great social event for moms to come together and have a weekend of fun, learning, and time to just BE!

I don't know if this pregnancy will allow me to go this year, but I  plan on making it next year for sure!

Following the meeting last Thursday, a lot of the moms head over to Applebee's for beverages and half priced apps! I ended up staying out till 11 just sharing stories about pregnancy and life with multiples...
I didn't think I would be out so late but I was having such a great time!

I am so grateful for this group of women who have reached out to me and ready to answer any questions I may have as I prepare for three little boys!

Our next triplet mom dinner is coming up soon! I am sure I will have more to report!

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