Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baby Update- 17 weeks

How far along? 17 weeks 1 day

Sleep?   it is starting to get tough to roll from side to side... I can feel the ligaments in my stomach pull.

Maternity Clothes? I finally went out and got maternity jeans (amazing), and some tops. 

 Best Moment this week? Finding out the genders of the babies.... we will reveal it tomorrow(Sunday) once I tell the congregation the news.

Miss Anything? Freedom to eat and do what I want without worry.

Movement?  slight flutters here and there.

Size of the Babies?  My little Sweet potatoes... at our appointment yesterday, they said they were as long as a dollar bill, and each weighed half a pound!

Food Cravings? spicy, sour, nothing new to report. Everything gives me heartburn these days... even water.

Morning Sickness? NOPE!

Gender?  We DO know gender and will reveal it on here tomorrow with some great videos we took when telling our families... stay tuned!

Bed Rest? No thank you

Limitations?  When I am on my feet too long, I can feel some uncomfortable pressure in my lower abdominals and pelvis... so I need to listen to my body when that starts and get off my feet.
 Weight Gain?  I gained a little over a pound this week. We are moving in the right direction!

Pregnancy Symptoms?  Fatigue, headaches, heartburn

Belly Button In or Out?  Still In

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Still On

Looking Forward To? telling people our genders... and starting to PLAN!

What Dave is saying.... "good morning/night baby... and babies!"

Dave captured this on a whim... enjoy!

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  1. I had some serious heartburn too. It would be so intense that it would raise my blood pressure and make me physically ill.

    I was told (by my MD) to take Prilosec OTC daily (in the morning before you eat) and it was the best advice ever. I had to suffer until about 28 weeks without it though.

    I couldn't drink even water without, so I seriously recommend it!!