Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's about time Daddy posted....

I figured it's time I also add a post.  I can't let my beautiful wife and amazing mommy-to-be have all the fun.
This has been quite a ride for us indeed as you can tell from all the posts Mollie has been putting up.  From all the ups and downs we've experienced through this incredible process I've learned so much. I know now a whole plethora of terms that would put a doctor to shame.

I had no idea how much actually went into getting pregnant.  It was especially difficult for us early on when you try so hard to make it happen and you want it so badly, and it just doesn't happen.  Meanwhile you see a 16-year old high school student get pregnant and not even want the baby.  You see it happen so many times.

I am so ecstatic at the opportunity of becoming a father.  And to triplets?  Oh man!  Even though we're going to be outnumbered, I don't think I'd want to have it any other way to be honest.

By the 15-week mark these little turnip-sized bundles of joy are able to start hearing.  So I've started talking to them.  There is so much knowledge I have in this brain of mine to drop on the three of them.  So many things to teach them and show them.  Until that time I'll just be singing them some ditties, talking to them and making their mommy as comfy as possible.

What's next you ask?  Next Friday Mollie goes in for a nice and long two hour ultrasound for measurements on all three of them  Very detailed measurements.  Making sure everything is growing and developing as it should be.  Also in the two hour detailed time frame, we're hoping to finally get a definitive answer on the genders of the babies three.

Stay tuned.....

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  1. Love the post, Dave! I've been blogging for years and Thatcher has never posted on my blog before. I should change that! :)