Monday, January 14, 2013

Triplet mom dinner

I had an incredible experience I wanted to make sure I blogged about. I had the chance to sit down to dinner with 9 other triplet moms last Thursday evening.

One of my youth at church heard I was having triplets. Her aunt,Anne, is a mom of 21 month old triplets. Once Anne heard of my news she was eager to get in touch with me. We did some texting last Thursday morning and she informed me of a triplet mom dinner that happens about once a month. They are all moms that live in the north metro. Some have 13 year old triplets, some have 15 month old triplets, some have 3 year old triplets. I was available... I had a list of questions running around in my head ever since we found out we were having three... so, who better to ask then moms who have experienced it!

We met at Olive Garden, which was so convenient since it was so close to me! :)  All the moms were so welcoming and affirming. I was the only one that was pregnant at the time. They each had such different experiences with their pregnancies... some went on bed rest really early... some never went on bed rest!
Some delivered in the 24-29 week range... A few others delivered at the 31-35 week range.

They kept on making sure all this information was not scaring me. I assured them it was not. It was so wonderful to hear that every pregnancy is SO different. I wish I brought a pen and paper to this dinner. I got to ask my questions and got very enlightening answers.

I couldn't say enough positive things about this dinner. They are all members of MOMS of Multiples group... which I will start attending. They meet the first Thursday of every month. But these triplet moms meet on top of that just for fun, fellowship time, and information swapping!

The dinner lasted about 4 hours!!! Once I got home, I was just bursting with information to share with Dave... I think  I overwhelmed him a bit.

I felt so much better after that dinner, and I am grateful for Anne who reached out to get me involved in their network.
I am now friends with all of them on Facebook, and they all made sure to tell me they were available if I ever had any questions.

I am definitely looking forward to our next monthly meeting!!

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