Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby update!!!

So Saturday is our day where we start a new week in this baby journey! 

How far along? 13 weeks 1 day
Sleep?   Yes... Still tired but not as much throughout the day. I could take a nap at any moment.. But instead I just have an earlier bed time now. Just annoyed with the the many middle of the night pee sessions!
Maternity Clothes?  My jeans are just starting to become uncomfortable. The belly band is in my near future.
 Best Moment this week?  Feeling a lot better then first trimester. Enjoying food more and slowly getting a social life back!
Miss Anything? Energy
Movement?  Nothing yet!
Size of the Babies?  Three little lemons this week!
Food Cravings?  Fresh fruit, smoothies.... And still have a Major food adversion to all meat.
Morning Sickness?  It has subsided a lot!!! Although I still get sick when I smell dog food.
Gender?  No news yet. I go to the doctor on Tuesday, so we will see what they say in how soon they can tell!
Bed Rest?  Nope, not yet....
Limitations?  No lifting more than 10 lbs and no jumping.

 Weight Gain?  I don't know exactly...
Pregnancy Symptoms?  Fatigue, sore boobs, low back pain, headaches.
Belly Button In or Out?  Still In
Wedding Rings On or Off?  Still On
Looking Forward To?  Seeing those sweet little babies on Tuesday at my ultrasound.
What Dave is saying.... "I'm so glad you are no longer nauseous."

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  1. Love reading these...I was gonna tell you that you should start doing them, but you are on top of it! :)