Tuesday, January 8, 2013

falling behind...

Man, this blogging concept is so new to me... I need to make it a new years resolution to post more!
In my defense we have had a lot going on in the past few weeks!

I will give you a recap:

1.The holidays... of course busy, but fun to celebrate with families and share our news as it was slowly seeping out into the world. Always fun to hear people's reactions. Never gets old. I wish I had a video camera for each one!

2. Went to the doctor last week to check on a headache I had for 6 days straight. I know headaches are a part of typical pregnancy symptoms, but I was miserable.. and wanted to rule out anything I should be worried about. Some say it could be due to high blood pressure. Everything turned out fine, and I got a prescription that has helped a lot... for that I am grateful. Since I was at my 12 week mark (where has the time gone!?!?!) they said we could check heartbeats.... like I was going to turn THAT down.  It is the most reassuring, wonderful sound in the world.

Based on where they heard the heartbeats:

Baby C- is at the top of my uterus
Baby B is on my right side
Baby A is sitting real low on my left side. ( it was hard to keep a constant heartbeat because baby A was all over the place) The Doctor told me "Good luck with baby A, it is a mover and a shaker!"   Oh man....

3. Our furnace went out last Wednesday. We woke up to a 55 degree house! BRRRRR! After the service guy fiddled with it, he discovered too many of the parts were not functioning correctly.
Thank goodness for the warranty that came with the house... they said we would just get a new furnace, for a small fee of course. Good news right?! Well yes, but warranty places take their sweet time in getting said new furnace to us.
We are now 1 day shy of a week with no furnace!!! At least this is happening before the babies are here right!?

We are  SO grateful for our friends Kristin and Keith who opened their house up to me, Dave, and Bosley for the week.
We are hoping we will have a new furnace installed before the end of the week! It's amazing how much you miss the comfort of your own home.

We are adjusting and counting our blessings... trying to remain positive!

As far as the babies are concerned, I am hoping for another check up real soon!! Stay tuned! 

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  1. You gotta keep with the bloggin, girl! I love the updates. Have you shared the link with anyone yet?