Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baby update: week 15

How far along? 15 weeks 1 day

Sleep?   I take naps when I can... I have now become someone who snores... I guess that is normal in this stage in pregnancy... poor Dave. 

Maternity Clothes? Wearing a lot of stretchy dress pants and sweatpants.

 Best Moment this week? Seeing a significant baby bump... that doesn't feel like fat but an actual pregnant belly... and discovering that this week the babies can probably start hearing our voices... time to start singing!

Miss Anything? Days without headaches

Movement?  Nothing yet... although I THINK I have felt a few flutters.

Size of the Babies?  Avocados....mmmm now I want some guac!

Food Cravings?  Ketchup, hotdogs, and lemonade

Morning Sickness? No, I am feeling a lot better!

Gender?  1 more week till we know!!!

Bed Rest? Not yet....

Limitations?  nothing new.

 Weight Gain?  I don't quite know. But I think a couple pounds based on my belly.

Pregnancy Symptoms?  Fatigue, headaches, dizzy

Belly Button In or Out?  Still In

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Still On

Looking Forward To? Our 3 year anniversary, on Jan. 30th! Funny... 3 years, 3 babies, in 2013... coincidence?

What Dave is saying.... "Im counting on 2 boys and 1 girl"

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  1. I totally snored when I was pregnant too. So sexy! haha. I cannot wait to hear their genders next week!