Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby Update!

How far along? 14 weeks 2 days
Sleep?   depends on the night. Some nights are great... others are terrible...

Maternity Clothes?  Jeans are uncomfortable to sit in... I am only wanting to wear stretchy pants

 Best Moment this week?  Seeing the babies this last Tuesday. So much movement... cute little profiles.... all growing strong. All have healthy heartbeats!

Miss Anything? Patience and appetite

Movement?  Only what I see on the ultrasound, which is weird that I cant feel a thing...yet

Size of the Babies?  Navel oranges this week!

Food Cravings?  still fruit... P.F Changs lettuce wraps, noodles and Co.

Morning Sickness? not really.... just a wave of nausea when I step outside into the cold.

Gender?  Hopefully at our 16 week appointment on Feb. 1st!

Bed Rest? Nope!

Limitations?  no lifting anything too heavy.

 Weight Gain?  I have been constantly losing weight... trying to gain an appetite back to put on more calories.

Pregnancy Symptoms?  Fatigue, headaches, mood swings

Belly Button In or Out?  Still In

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Still On

Looking Forward To?  Showing more... and knowing the gender in just 2 short weeks!

What Dave is saying.... " What do you need baby? How can I help?"

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