Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

A busy Month it has been for our family!

First we got to celebrate my best friend Katie's little boy Liam's 1st birthday! It was fiesta themed. The boys got to eat lots of tacos, help bust open a pinata, and then decorate cookies before we left.
There were lots of people and a ton of kids! The boys loved all the stimulation, and it was good to see people and catch up.

Later this month, our boys came down with some yucky germs.
We were in urgent care with Graham for an Ear infection on Sunday. The very next day,  I took them all in for strep tests, but they were negative.
Monday night, we heard a very weird barking sound. I thought it was coming from outside, but we discovered one of the boys had come down with croup. I had to sit in their room and wait to hear it happen again so I knew who it was coming from... lol
We discovered it was Henry. At 11pm we were off to Childrens. They were so accomodating, per usual. It was a busy night there, so we had to wait 3 + hours to be seen by the doctor.

Henry wanted to watch frozen, so of course they granted his wish. About half way through the movie he looks up at me to say "mama can I go night night now?" AWWWW
So he turned over on his tummy and went to sleep, poor guy.
The doctor came in to confirm croup... he took an oral antibiotic and we were on our way by 3:30am.

By Thursday of that week, we were all back in the pediatrician's office for a few more symptoms.
when we left there:
Graham still had his ear infection so they had to give him a stronger med
Henry now had an ear infection so he went on a new med (but his croup had become a lot better)
Nolan tested positive for Influenza A and B and was starting to sound croupy.

Everyone one went on a different antibiotic, and everyone went on Tamaflu just to be safe!!
It was hectic and I was overwhelmed... but you do what you have to for your kids to feel better, right?
I remember too, that I took the sick kiddos in the car later that day to get their meds... They filled all the antibiotics at one CVS location, but they were out of Tamaflu, so we had to head to second CVS to get it.
I cried the whole way to the second location feeling tired and overwhelmed. When I got their, I got asked by three different people in the window if I could just come in and get it all sorted out (3 prescriptions for Tamaflu was hard for CVS and insurance to understand). I reminded them I have 3 sick toddlers with me, so coming in was not an option.
After 40 minutes waiting, We had our meds and went home.

I had my annual moms of multiples workshop that weekend, and I was hesitant to go due to all the sick kiddos... but Dave and my mom friends assured me that I was so proactive before leaving, all they needed was rest time at home, and their meds.... and because of the week I had with them, I needed this weekend.
So I headed up to Fargo with our Northside MoM's club for the Wild Wild West themed workshop. I faced-timed a lot, and Dave filled me in to assure me all was going well at home.
This workshop is always a blast... lots of socializing with other moms with multiples, great speakers, informative breakout sessions, vendors, and R&R.

April is my birthday month, yes month... I spend lots of time getting together with different friend groups for birthday lunches, dinners, and coffee... I personally like the small group aspect instead of a big party so I can be more intentional with my time in these special relationships.
One of my favorite birthday traditions is Benihana with 2 other dear friends with April birthdays and all our hubby's! 

Dave took my out to happy hour with surprise guests of my sister Taylor and her BF Waylon, then we headed to our favorite restaurant, 112 Eatery for an amazing dinner!

The boys got me cards, flowers, and sweet gifts- it is so fun to have them understand birthdays now!

We had another triplet play date with our favorite little girl triplets, Emma, Harper, and Zoey. Their mom Michelle and I have grown so close with raising our triplets. The kids are starting to finally play together instead of just along side one another.... such fun friendships in the making! Love it!

Some more cute pictures from this month:

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