Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

The Another fun filled busy month for us! We are getting closer to summer and been able to spend more time outside... I have a feeling this will be a regular thing for us! Active boys need to use up that energy!
So what was the Month of may filled with?

I was asked to baptize a set of triplets. One of the best things that came out of having triplets (besides the triplets themselves of course), was an amazing group of triplet moms. And the group keeps growing! It has been harder these days to get together on a regular basis (go figure), but we have our ways of checking in with one another, reaching out, and talking all things triplets when we need to!
One of the newer moms and I have grown rather close, and it is so fun to now be on the other side of it, offering advice and my experiences to someone who has just started the process!
Anyway, she knew I was a pastor, and asked if I would be the one to baptize her kiddos... what a cool experience that was! So fun,  and so meaningful!

We celebrated Mother's day at my parents house. Always fun to get together with all my sisters, parents, niece and nephew. Never a dull moment when all together!
The Dvorak 5

Mom and her girls!


We wrapped up another semester of our amazing ECFE class. We have loved our teachers, other moms and their multiples, and we are sad to be all done. This experience was so great for the boys in learning about structure, seperation anxiety, and lots of new songs, new ways to grow in fine motor, sensory, and cognitive learning. The moms talked a lot about time management, self care, potty training, and discipline... I encourage all families to experience ECFE with their children!

We discovered a new park in Maple Grove- lots of really cool new equipment, slides, and many many things to climb on. I think once it gets a little warmer there is an ope area with fountain spouts  in the ground (kind of like a splash pad) where we came and play in the water!

Both of our dads (the boys papas) had birthdays this month! We are so incredibly thankful for these two men in our lives!
We got to go have Ice cream with papa Dave on his birthday. We like to call it "going to the airport"- (long story inside joke- but one we have shared with our boys now)
They wore their love their papa shirts- and they love to shout it "LOVE YOUR PAPA" When they wear them.
Papa's birthday with ice cream 

Nana love!

Over Memorial weekend, Dave and I got to attend his cousin's wedding in St. Cloud. It is always so fun to gather with Dave's family, a fun bunch! Lots of food, dancing, and a night away kid free!
The boys were in good hands with our nanny for the night!

The next day, we met our nanny and the boys in Monticello so we could head out to my sister and brother in law's cabin in Annendale, MN.
This is when we celebrated my dad's birthday with the family.
All of us went on a pontoon ride (My mom stayed back with my nephew Tyler who was napping)
But the rest of us went. The sun was shining, and there was a lot of lake traffic- lots of people to wave to, waves to rock the boat... everyone had a blast! I was a bit nervous with the boys being so active and curious! But they did well... despite my anxiety

Since they are potty-trained now, they got to experience peeing off the side of the boat! This was probably a highlight of their day.
The rest of the day, when playing outside, we gave them permission to pee outside when they had to go... so it was on trees- off the dock, off the deck... oh they loved it. (we regret the freedom a little bit, because now this is what they want to do whenever we are outside... anywhere.... we had to explain a few times to them about when this is and is not ok)

Anyway- after we got back from the pontoon ride, the guys stayed back with all the kids and grilled, while my sisters and I took my mom out on the boat for a girls ride! THIS ride was amazing... so relaxing, no anxiety with worrying about kiddos.... just us girls... with snacks and drinks, so fun!

We had a great meal together, opened presents, and then headed home. We thought with all the sun and no naps that we would have sleeping boys the whole car ride home- we were wrong... we had to stop and use the potty- twice, Graham cried the entire way home because he was so dang tired, Nolan whined, and Henry was in and out of whining and crying... it was a rough ride home, but after bath time and snuggles they passed out fast in their beds- and we did too!

Monday we had another play date with the girl triplets at the park with a picnic! It was hot, but worth it to see our dear friends!

So hard to believe in just a few short days we will have 3- three year olds! WOW!


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