Thursday, April 14, 2016

Funny things the boys are saying

I had to make a list of some of the funny things the boys are saying so I never forget them!

Graham -" hey what's going on in here guys" 

Nolan always says "yessssss"  never yea

Nolan- "I think that's a great idea!"

Nolan- " how 'bouuuut....." When he wants to suggest things to do. 

Henry- "my name is Henry" 

Henry will respond with any question you ask him with a "ummmmmmm" like he really has to think about his answer

At red lights "Wait for it....wait for it"- and then "GREEN MEANS GO!"
When we drive by a McDonalds they say "There is old McDonald's"

They also can point out any target from the car window! 

Graham responds with "Mmmmm no thanks" 

These have to be documented as they are so funny and I never want to forget them.

All three will say "wanna nuggle on the couch?"

 Nolan- "You want some? Can I Have some?" 

They all call each other  buddy.... Ok buddy, good job buddy, I'm in here buddy....

"Hello brudders....." to each other

And Nolan will introduce everyone to people..... "I'm Nolan, this is Graham, that's Henry, and that's my momma Mollie...."

All three "I'm ok" when they fall down...

When any of them see a baby- "That baby is so cute and beautiful" 

Graham responds with "noooooo I can't"- when he doesnt want to do something, almost in a British accent too! 

All three will wake up and declare "It's a Sarah/mommy/daddy day!"

or they will wake up growling like tigers!

If it has been rainy- they will wake up singing "rain rain go away, come again another day"

"Bayooons" -balloons

All three in cute whiney voices- "Can I? Can I please?" when they want something.

Nolan will negotiate with you when you try and suggest a nap.... He will pipe in and say "Or...... We could watch a movie on the couch"

All three - "it's Dee-ish-ious" " it's gooood" "I yike it mama" when eating something they love
Galloping graham- it is his preferred fast method of movement. 

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