Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Potty training triplet tales....

So I wanted to make sure to document this milestone, because I want to be able to remember it for a lifetime.
 I apologize in advance not only for length, but also for all the "poop" and "pee" language in this post, but when one goes through this milestone, it takes over your life..... so read on if you can handle it.... I promise not to be too graphic!

It has been quite the experience (as one would assume correctly with triplets). We have been very surprised on many levels on how we thought it would go.

We had introduced the potty's to the boys a few months ago, but it was brief and subtle. We had some success with it whenever we did bring it out, but I think I was the one more not ready to take on this endeavor.
I didn't want to push this, and really wanted to make sure I saw multiple signs that they were "ready". Nolan was showing signs first, by hiding to go poop, and then eventually telling us that he wanted to be changed. This started in mid February.
Henry was next to start doing the same, hiding, and then telling us he wanted to be changed. All good signs.
Graham on the other hand, he could care less what was in his diaper, and didn't like the interruption to be changed.
This got me to say- Nolan will be potty trained first, then Henry, then Graham, if we were lucky.

I did some research (asking other moms about their experiences), to see what were successful methods. I was hesitant to do all three at one time, but I didnt want to rule it out either.

Underwear was purchased, the boys would try it on, but for very short periods of time.
We talked with our nanny and she said when she got back from her trip to Hawaii in mid April she was on board to go forward with it head on!
She wasn't kidding.
I had not fully come up with my triplet potty training method yet (in denial that I was ready to do this full force).
On April 18th around noon I got a text from our nanny Sarah saying that the boys had been in underwear all morning, and only 1 had an accident.
What!!! I was shocked... I didnt know this was happening. I didnt know if I should be scared, proud, or what!
She kept me updated the rest of the day till I got home- lots of outside play with underwear, and no pants.... a couple accidents here and there, but all in all pretty good!

The next few days were a little rough, but going ok.... we came to realize Nolan wanted NOTHING to do with this potty thing (although he didnt like the feeling when he had wet underwear.) Henry too didnt like the feeling and would tell us after the fact. Graham (who I thought would resist most) had stayed dry, and would sit on the potty whenever prompted, and 9/10 times would go!

I had all weekend to be home with them, so we decided to go 100% with Graham first, and once he was complete, start on the next. Well with chocolate chips and sticker charts, Graham was a rock star. Whenever he would sit and go he would exclaim "Im peeing! Im peeing!"
 Looking back it totally makes sense that he would take to it so quick because Graham is a rule follower. For him everything is pretty much black and white. So since this was the new way of doing things, he took to it immediately.
In the past 10 days, Graham has only had 1 accident. He doesn't really even need to be prompted anymore.... he will just tell you or he will just go on his own! This goes for pee and poop, and not just at home, but out and about! I couldn't be more proud of him!

Since he filled his sticker chart, he gets to go get ice cream with mom now!

Over the same weekend, Nolan saw all the positive attention Graham was getting, and he did not like it one bit. He was trying to be more clingy with me, glare at Graham every time he went potty, whine a lot more, and tried to find any way to get our attention off of Graham and on to him. On Monday April 25th, something must have clicked for him... he demanded to wear underwear, and started going in the potty- with no accidents all day.

Now it needs to be noted that Nolan is a smart cookie. He realized he got a chocolate chip every time he went potty.... he caught on so he would go pee a little bit, stand up, get his treat, then head back to the potty to pee a little more.... this went on for a good 25 minutes..... I wanted to get mad or frustrated with him for abusing the system... but he was going in the potty every time. Well played son, well played. (my mom informed me I did the exact same thing when I was potty training. It is scary how similar Nolan and I really are!)
Nolan doesn't like to go potty other places, but he will.
Another funny story about Nolan (which I am sure he will hate me for sharing when he is older) is the first time he went poop on the big potty. Nolan has always had constipation issues, so we knew this could be a challenge when it came to potty training. He sat on the big potty one night, out of the blue, and pooped. We couldn't believe it! when we went to flush it, the water didnt fill up quite as quick or as full.... he had clogged it. His first time on the big potty. We had to have a family friend come over with his commercial auger to get it working again.
Ever since then, we have had to flush with caution. This same issue has happened a few more times, but 1. we have our own auger now 2. it has not stopped him from pooping like a big boy in the potty 3. allowed us to have an even bigger sense of humor when it comes to poop.  Oh sweet Nolan!

Henry, like in every other milestone, has been the third and final... (even though he is first born) I have determined he takes his time and allows us to understand and appreciate the process- realizing there is no rush. He of course is a follower and wants to be just like his brothers in every way.... which has been very successful in this case. I think he understands the potty, but his timing to get their in time is a bit off. He has had his success in peeing and pooping in the potty, so I think we are close with him, but again, I am not rushing it just because his brothers are there.

this experience has helped me to see the individuality in our boys... the ways in which they learn and take in information, how they respond to rewards, and their personality traits as they grasp it all.

Our nanny is amazing, and I am so thankful she "threw" us into this process by putting them all in underwear.
We haven't tried night time training yet (I feel that is an entity of its own- and is usually the last thing boys grasp when it comes to potty training)... so for now we will celebrate the day time potty training successes!

A lot of changes with this milestone:
more laundry, less diapers, the heightened awareness of every bathroom where ever you are, seeing their cute tiny butts now (no diaper bulge), taking more time to get out the door because we have to go potty before we leave, more clothes to pack in the diaper bag (in case of accidents),  my patience levels, their levels of communication, trusting them more, realizing that they are no longer babies- but little boys, more independent then before.

It brings tears to my eyes typing out these experiences from the past few weeks- this has been one of the most tiring, frustrating, surprising, yet most rewarding experiences I have had as a parent. I know we are not 100% there, but we are farther than I ever thought we would be in this last week alone.
Our boys are amazing, and even though their actions keep reminding me of that... I know I need to keep reminding them of that too!

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