Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter weekend 2016

 Easter this year was celebrated in similar fashion to years past.

Because of my job as a Pastor, Easter weekend gets a little busy for me with all the services of Holy Week, so we do our best to get family celebration time when we can.

So....Because of my early Easter Sunday morning at church, we had our family Easter morning on Saturday. (We did this growing up at our house because of our church choir involvement on Easter Sunday)
I made the boys Easter baskets on Friday night, so when they woke up the next morning they could see that the Easter bunny had come! (This is such a fun age right now, because they are finally understanding what is going on)

They loved their new jammies, cars, sunglasses.... And got to try Peeps for the first time! A huge hit I think!

Once we got that tornado all cleaned up, we thought we would dye Easter eggs: it went better than expected, and the boys loved picking their colors and watching them change- and "stirring" was their favorite!

Later that day, my family celebrated Easter/my birthday. I had a service at 5:00 that night so Dave took the boys early, and I met them after church was over.

We had the standard menu of lamb, ham, creamed cabbage, gazed carrots, salad, rolls, etc for dinner.

After the Easter egg hunt, we made sure to open birthday presents before we sat down to eat... it goes pretty fast now with little kiddos helping you unwrap.

We took some fun pictures to document the evening before we headed home to get a good nights sleep for the Sunday festivities.
Singing happy birthday to mommy! 

Funny bunny hats a family friend wanted us to take a picture in for her! 

Family picture take 1 

Nana and papa Peterson with all their grand kids! 

On Sunday I was at church at 5:45 am for our 3 services we had that morning.

Dave, the boys, and Dave's parents came to worship at the 9:00 service.  They rushed out after to get to Auntie Connie and Uncle Donny's for Easter festivities, and I joined them after I was all done with church duties!

Auntie Connie filled 90 plastic eggs and hid them in the backyard for just our little boys.. (no other kiddos on that side yet). The boys loved finding them (now that they had practice from the night before) and then came in to open them- finding pennies, and candy galore!

Family picture take 2

Nana and papa  Dvorak with all their grand kids! 

Cute Easter outfits!! 

A funny Easter craft Aunt Connie made! 

The food was so good; lots of egg bakes, caramel rolls, deviled eggs, salads, and more!

I was pretty exhausted by mid afternoon- with all the people, church services, and food all week, I didn't have much energy left!

We had a quiet evening at home to wrap up the weekend!

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