Friday, December 27, 2013

To my boys...

Henry, Nolan, and Graham,
 I can't believe you have already been around for 6, almost 7 months! The time is going by so fast!
I thought I would write to each of you and let you know how our life is so much better because you are each in it!

Henry,  Hen, little man, Hank the tank, tubby,
My first, my baby A. You still remain to be the biggest of the three, by atleast 2 pounds. You make it hard for your brothers to catch up, but it could be coming... for now you are wearing 9 month clothes.
You are our sensitive baby. From noises, to people, to your skin even... you are sensitive! You love your mom and dad and always like to know where in the room we are.
You have the most hair, bright blonde and growing! Your ears still stick out a bit since they still fold in half when you lay on them. It is the cutest thing!

You used to be our laid back, sleeps so well baby.... and now your personality is coming through. You love to be upright, usually in your exersaucer, bouncing away and smiling at anyone that will look your way. You were the first to sit up, but lately you love to fly backwards and hang out. (Good thing we still have the bobby pillow there)
You have the sweetest raspy little voice. You laugh at funny faces and noises, and love to be thrown in the air! You take in short sounds in response to us talking, and love to blow raspberries!
Your cry breaks my heart every time I hear it. You have always had the saddest cry, which is now the loudest.... It is hard to hear you cry when I cant get to you right away. And now your big crocodile tears do not help one bit.
You have teeth coming in, but none have broke through yet.... but the drool is in full force!
You have become a great solid food eater, and are warming up to puffs, although you are still sensitive to foods that are not pureed!
You have been the baby that keeps us going to the doc. With a spinal check, double ear infection, a chest cold, and rash, you keep us busy... but you handle it all so well!
I love rocking you to sleep... you are so snuggley and sleep so well when being held. Those quiet moments with you are what I cherish!
I love you so much, and am so blessed to have you as my son! Keep growing little man... I love watching you grow and change into a little boy!

Nolan, Noly, no-ee, Noly Poly, Noly guacamole, Noly stromboli,
My baby C, but came out second, my mini me,
You still remain in the middle for length but Graham has caught up to you in weight. You are our smiley baby! You always love to flirt with EVERYONE... and always have a smile on your face... ready to laugh! You have lots of light brown hair, and beautiful skin!
  You have become our easy baby! You will be held by anyone... you love to work the crowds with your cuteness- long eyelashes and big smile...and you sleep through the night (first one!). You are easily amused and play well with people or by yourself. you never really cry unless you are STARVING or beyond tired!
When excited you flap your arms and kick your legs like crazy, especially when in your high chair to eat! You eat really well- bottle and solids, and have loved trying puffs!
You talk all the time... your new sounds and noises are so funny as you move your lips to create new sounds.... You talk yourself to sleep, and talk away as you wake up in the morning... you are more and more like your mommy as your personality emerges!
Your cry is quiet and comes from the back of your throat, but we barely hear it since you BARELY cry!
No teeth for you yet, but I think we should start seeing something in the next few months... drool for you is building...
When on the floor you scoot around on your back... so you will be mobile in no time!
My favorite times with you are on the changing table... as you kick and squirm and make faces at me... we love to laugh back and forth! You reach for my face with your little hands to explore! I love it!
I cant imagine our life with our you, our little Noly... keep talking, keep smiling, and laughing because it brightens my day so much! I love you Nolan!!

Graham, Grammy, Graham graham, GMan, stinker pie, goober,
 My 'baby', my little guy! You were the wild one in my tummy, and although you are alert and most observant of the three, you have calmed down quite a bit these last few weeks. You have caught up in size to Nolan, and are well on your way, wearing 6 month clothes. You love to make sure you are the center of attention... and let us know with noises if no one is looking at you! Once we do, you bashfully smile, laugh, and look away coy! TOO CUTE!
You have very light blonde hair, that is finally coming in! You have BIG blue eyes and the strongest legs I have ever felt. You love to stand and look around... making sure to follow all noises and action in the room!
You are such a good eater, bottles and solids... as soon as we put you in your chair (placed in the middle of course), you know what is coming... you have no interest in puffs yet... but we are working on it.
What we love about you is we always know what you are feeling... happy, frustrated, sad, tired... you always let us know! Your screams, and dolphin like 'whine' is a favorite of ours.... ugh
You have been getting progressively better at sleeping at night... which we love... you can be such a light sleeper though so we have to keep you and Henry separate since his cry is so loud it wakes you instantly!
 You love to stand, so the bouncy exersaucer is perfect for you. Although you were last to sit... you sit SO WELL now... and love to play your little piano or anything with flashing lights!
You blow raspberries throughout the day, especially when you eat (not fun).
No teeth yet, but everything goes in your mouth!
We dont call you fussy but particular... you like things a certain way... like bedtime, having blanket by your face and walked to sleep... you can tell when we sit and you dont like it...
I love playing with you! Your reactions to toys, funny faces, and noises are so funny! You are so reactive now and I love it!
You are our sweet little Graham and we are so in love with you! We cant wait to see your personality continue to evolve! I love you Graham Graham!

I cant imagine our life without our three little dudes. They keep us so busy but it is the best experience! I love having little boys!Seeing them with their dad is so cool and I know will only get better! So blessed with this incredible family!

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