Saturday, January 4, 2014

7 month update

How old? 7 months

Our weights: Estimates:  Henry-17  Nolan- 15 Graham-15.5
We are wearing both 6 month to 9 month clothes!

Our sleeping patterns?  Lately they have been taking 2 great naps, but not sleeping too well at night. Every night is different these days so it is hard to have any expectations.

Nighttime: Bedtime around 6:30pm. But between 9-10 it seems everyone gets up at least once needing to be rocked back to sleep. We have a good night every 4th night or so.... They seem to all take turns on who sleeps through the night.  So  we know they are each capable of doing it.... sigh.... it will happen soon right?

Our eating schedule? 
We have first bottles around 7am- around 5 ounces
Solids at 8- oatmeal and fruit
bottles after nap around noon- 5 ounces
smaller bottle at 4 - 3-4 ounces
dinner at 5- 2 veggies, 2 fruits, and oatmeal
small bottle before bed around 6:30-7

Our favorite foods? Pears, sweet potatoes, puffs, and trying new foods on mom and dads plate (we just tried mashed potatoes last week)

Our likes? Standing, funny noises, baby TV channel, music, flashing toys, snuggles, trying new foods, being naked in between changes
H: grabbing feet, peek-a-boo, sitting up, tags, when daddy raps, his monkey pacifier
N: jumping, exersaucer, rolling over, scooting, tags on toys, eating, when daddy coughs,  belly laughing, grabbing his toes
G: standing, observing, sitting up, eating solids, flashing lights,  seeing his brothers, grabbing his toes.

Our dislikes? being cold after bath time, tummy time, teething, Henry is sensitive to loud noises, new people, new environments. Graham still does not like to wait, for anything. Nolan still doesn't like the falling asleep part of bedtime.

Our favorite games/toys? exersaucer, scout musical dog that sings, baby crinkle paper toys,  peek-a-boo, clapping.

Our milestones?more talking and noises by all three. We have started teething: drooling, bumpy gums, fussy. sitting up really well! Eating puffs and chucks of food.... slowly but surely.  We are not crawling yet, but before they get mad on their tummies their is some scooting and crawling motions happening. As much as I want them to develop.... once they move it is a whole new ball game... 

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile? All their noises. They just crack us up! When they babble we try and determine what is sounds like... in english. We love that in the morning, they don't cry when they wake up... they stir and eventually start talking to themselves. Its an easy way to wake up.. especially since it is so early!

Our Pictures:

group shot! We love all their fun expressions!

this happened the minute we stopped entertaining them for pictures!

I fall in love with his smile, every time!

His sweet face gets me every time!

This kid... he smiles with his whole face!

It seems weird that they are now as old for as long as they were in my belly... 7.5 months.... crazy!
This is all going too fast!
I am glad a few girlfriends just had babies so I can go hold tiny tiny infants! But this age is so much fun too! SO much to discover and learn!

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